Campus loan chaos containment lending platforms have been closed-jiuyaogan

Campus loan chaos containment: lending platform have closed last week, with a number of Internet financial regulation scheme for landing, increasingly tighter regulation has become the industry consensus. It is worth noting that the CBRC clearly, the campus network will be the focus of the loan as a special rectification. Under the supervision of high pressure, the recent, including I have to wait for a number of platforms such as loans announced exit campus loan market, the transformation of other business. Recently, I came to the loan in the official announcement that WeChat officially closed on October 2016 to apply for student loans. As for the reason, I came to the loan in the notice that is due to the number of documents issued to limit the campus loan business, and reduce the credit risk of student users. Under the supervision of the original campus loan business is difficult to maintain, and before that, there are a number of main campus loan platform announced the transition or exit. April, stage music announced its consumer installment service open to the white-collar crowd; August, excellent stage establishment and record gold service group to enter the campus, non consumer finance business; in September 5th, interest installments announced the suspension of campus market stage push; September 27th, elite loans has also announced to enter the white-collar market. Reporter survey found that before the Guangzhou University city seen in the dormitory, classrooms, canteens and other places always promotional leaflets or campus consumer lending platform distribute leaflets who have disappeared, said at the Guangzhou University City reading long miss: "recently did not see a single hair". Guangzhou Internet Financial Association Fang Chung said, by Mocha statistics, campus net loan platform registered in Guangzhou about 7, the smaller scale of business, of which there are 4 companies carried out rectification, 3 have been closed or unable to access the site. The reason for the withdrawal or transformation of the platform, 360 financial analyst Xu Jin pointed out that after the "naked", "violent collection" and other events, accelerated the landing regulatory policy, regulators recently has taken a series of measures to regulate the market, campus loan platform has been greatly bound, it is difficult to maintain the original business. Since March, when the student loans due to less than about 600000 yuan after the suicide, the Ministry of education, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other ministries issued a number of documents prompted the risk, the local financial bureau also issued a number of supporting details. In the last week, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other fifteen ministries jointly issued the P2P network lending risk remediation work program, the campus loan is parallel with the real estate industry, was included in the focus of the investigation area. Insiders also told reporters, so that the pressure on the campus loan surge as well as local finance office and Internet banking association. At the end of August, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other places have been issued under the supervision of the file…… As of September 7th Guangzhou issued the "norms on campus network lending business notice", clearly stipulated to minors or limited capacity for civil conduct student lending matchmaking service, without approval of the school shall not carry out any form of marketing activities in the campus. Must have a guardian guarantee with the continuous strengthening of supervision, a number of platforms have been withdrawn, insiders predict the campus loan market is about to disappear. However, some of the major or entrepreneurial senior researcher at the Institute of finance Xue Hongyan believes that Suning now exit the market of the enterprise, is not to say that the whole industry are to withdraw from the market, regulation is only the market space compression. In.相关的主题文章: