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Cai Chongxin, such as the general, Ma is how to choose from the heap? (with benefits) – Sohu of science and technology enterprises, but "people" and "". Alibaba (B2B) former CEO Wei Zhe said that Ma should always be grateful to several people, one of whom is Cai Chongxin, vice chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba. Cai Chongxin was much more than in the past year, too much, but Cai Chongxin is followed by Ma, all the way to today, Ma Yunqiang. General Cai Chongxin soon joined Ali had injected fresh blood, with his strong legal and financial background, Cai Chongxin soon led Ali to grow into large enterprises, and strive to Goldman and Softbank investment. Today, a lot of Ali investment companies, can see the figure of Cai Chongxin. This article in addition to tell you what the general ideal of long, also clearly pointed out that 3 of people do not fit the general hope, entrepreneurs can be found like Cai Chongxin’s corporate mission and vision to attract and fight with their own. How to choose a start-up company? Welcome to share the observation and understanding of your comments at the end. 2 users will receive the message go, Rui Feng capital peak TERT autographed book "Jobs". How to choose the top companies? The author of this article is "pay pay." Chang Xinglong, "paid people pay" is an ultimate good use of human resources of SaaS products, currently offers eight recruitment management, salary, attendance, approval and other functions, integration services for social insurance, provident fund line, a comprehensive upgrade of human resource management model for enterprises. In simple terms, the so-called general, refers to a new business to him, you can directly to the time point and the results of the people. The basic quality is, since the completion of the current resource analysis of flooding, feasibility and dismantling target set the relevant Milestone, and try to fight for his men, all of the available resources, and ultimately complete the task according to the plan. 01 General requirements will become become the ideal soft quality requirements are as follows:?? hard quality above is ideal, as all the above requirements, or not, or do it yourself CEO, elusive, the practical operation of the process in fact standard can reduce the requirements of any of the above requirements generally reached 70% above, and not mentioned below is not suitable for the situation, can become the general candidates. So, in turn, the discussion of which superior ability is not suitable for the general position. 02 temporarily do not fit in the general position of the business ability is strong, but is not suited to complete general position of the list, as follows:? There are large companies disease, overly sensitive and too self people have some outstanding ability, in a big company also achieved very high position however, overly sensitive. For example, a very self, often care about others and without etiquette for so-called logic, simple things, can not stand any changes, often say that messages are not copied to my background, I want to do what the participants? Who said this problem, and I have to discuss it? I’ve never seen this man相关的主题文章: