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Health People living with cellulite are always trying to find ways to hide their problem or treat it. There are so many different creams and other products that say that they can cure cellulite, but can end up being another disappointment. Recently, people have been surprised to find that caffeine has a very positive affect on treating cellulite. Although it is hard to believe that caffeine and cellulite would have a connection, it may be the cure so many people have been searching for. So what is that awful problem they call cellulite? Some people refer to it as cottage cheese or orange peel skin, but it is the result of fat cells pushing outward on the skin. That is how the bump-like look is created. Caffeine and Cellulite: Friends or Foes Although anyone can experience the problem of cellulite, it typically occurs in the skin of those who are overweight. And because of the increase in fat in the body, the cellulite is more noticeable than it would be on someone smaller. The problem is extremely difficult to get rid of and even after weight loss surgeries, people still seem to have cellulite on their skin. So why would you put caffeine and cellulite problems together? If you love to have coffee in the morning or make runs to Starbucks during the day, you may be very happy to find that caffeine and cellulite problems are enemies. The caffeine that you consume constricts the blood vessels in your skin, making your skin look tighter. Although the skin will go back to normal once the caffeine leaves your body, you temporarily have better looking skin. Research is still very new on how affective caffeine and cellulite problems work against one another, but it at least gives us hope for a future cure. Many products are now adding caffeine to their cellulite creams in order to make them more potent. Although they are unsure whether it will really make a difference, they are definitely trying it out. When it comes to caffeine and cellulite problems, researchers are wondering why we aren’t seeing a decrease in cellulite in people that consume excess amount of caffeine. They are also curious to see whether it takes a specific amount of caffeine to help with cellulite problems. Do caffeine and cellulite problems only work against each other in certain people or is it something that occurs in everyone? With all the many questions we have on caffeine and cellulite problems, researchers have their work cut out for them. One thing is for sure: we will be seeing much more on caffeine and cellulite problems in the future. About the Author: About the Author: Tom Rally is the author of "Cellulite Unfolded Program" and of several reports that explain ways to reduce Cellulite, through improved lifestyle and adequate exercise activity. Check his website at ..celluliteunfolded../caffeine-and-cellulite-new-meaning-to-speed-bumps Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: