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C.J.YAO Xiong Dailin Zhu Dan and K met a big show of Grandpa "red" and "blue" when fan Shanghai Fashion Week Spring 2017 Chinese big screen has gorgeous open. As always, this is also the massive star models who came to brush his face. Please look at these familiar faces. Xiong Dailin is a supermodel in temperament is more elegant one, height 178, said to be born a little too much clothes rack. This time by the new fashion brand C.J.YAO invitation to Shanghai xiuguan. C.J.YAO X KFC 2017 SS Shanghai Fashion Zhou Mengmeng! Grandpa K-emoji look perfect fusion, walking voice expression package, the goddess Xiong Dailin carrying grandpa K package has been on the line, there is a new trend of visual K called "red grandfather"! Recently the joy puts heart into a man, bright red, with a handsome ponytail, not to look good, where a pestle, graceful goddess fan children express love C.J.YAO ~ flaming skirt and baggy jeans, of course, inevitably asked about the wedding, she smiled and said, hoping to participate in the wedding. The big show, the mainland variety carry handle Zhu Dan surprise appearance ~C J.Yao, this season is the theme of lazy show, open the sleep mode. Zhu Dan is a careless "blue pajamas" van LOOK suction eye of numerous ~ Han filial piety week three million dress what is said to wear it, can pass through the goddess a show has not forgotten from the inside of the self flying small classmate smile bright as in the past. In the same row show and watching the show, two people sit side by side, the whole show has become a unique scenery line.相关的主题文章: