Businessmen do not admit that there are problems in the lamps and lanterns-haywire

The merchant does not recognize the problem of trouble lamp crystal lamp. At the foot of his son, Ms. Zhao found a "perpetrator" – a crystal beads that fell off the crystal lamp. This crystal bead is a solid glass, with a table ball size and a wire that has been cut off. Businessmen do not admit that there are problems in the lamps and lanterns, Ms. Zhao hastened to take his son to the hospital for inspection. Fortunately, in the current situation, the child’s mental state and appetite are good except for a blood bag on his forehead. The crystal light was purchased in September 19th last year, and it is still in the warranty period of a year. Zhao contacted crystal lamp sales business – majiayan Shengwei new concept building materials City lighting. When the lamps and lanterns were bought at the beginning, the merchants promised a year of warranty, but the boss’s present attitude made Ms. Zhao depressed. "He did not agree to go home and see that there was no problem in the lamp." Ms. Zhao said the owner told her that if there was a problem with the lamps and lanterns, he could find someone to dismantle himself or take a lawsuit in a court. "Children like to run around the living room, the crystal light is like a ‘time bomb." Early in the morning, Ms. Zhao moved to her husband’s unit with her child.

 商家不承认灯具有问题 惹祸的水晶灯。   在儿子脚边,赵女士找到了“肇事者”——从水晶灯上掉下来的一颗水晶珠子。这颗水晶珠子是实心玻璃的,有一个乒乓球大小,上面还存留着一截已经断掉的钢丝线。   商家不承认灯具有问题   赵女士赶紧带着儿子到医院进行检查。幸运的是,从目前的情况看,除了额头上被砸出个血包,孩子的精神状态和胃口都还不错。   水晶灯是去年9月19日购买的,仍在一年质保期内。赵女士联系上了水晶灯的销售商家——马家岩升伟建材城新概念灯饰。   当初购买灯具时,商家承诺质保一年,但老板现在的态度却让赵女士很郁闷。“他不同意到家里查看,说灯具没有问题。”赵女士说,灯具老板告诉她,如果觉得灯具有问题,可以自己找人拆了,或者到法院起诉。   “孩子喜欢在客厅里到处跑,水晶灯就像是个‘定时炸弹‘。”昨日一早,赵女士带着孩子暂时搬到了丈夫的单位居住。相关的主题文章: