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The global energy governance pattern of the construction of green low carbon (G20? Construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economic outlook) – environmental protection – global energy Internet construction, to 2050 — Drawing: Liu Hui as an important material basis for human survival and development, energy is beneficial to the people’s livelihood. The group of twenty (G20) leaders summit in Hangzhou, President Xi Jinping expounded China’s views on global economic governance, which is one of the key to seize the special global energy governance pattern is to build a green low-carbon, promote global green development cooperation. When the global energy development is facing three major problems, such as resource constraints, environmental pollution, climate change, to promote global energy transformation, to achieve green and sustainable development, as a common cause of human society. Global energy governance, a highly fragmented current, a new round of energy revolution boom, the future development of the world’s energy presents new features. However, there is a lack of effective coordination of all kinds of global energy governance mechanisms, global energy governance is highly fragmented, unable to meet the needs of the construction of a new global energy management pattern. From the 2008 G20 summit in Washington on energy issues are classified as "other challenges", to the 2009 Pittsburgh summit, the parties agreed in the stimulation of clean energy and renewable energy investments, including Russia, Saudi Arabia itself and other energy producing countries, including the United States, China and other big energy consumer, but also can play a coordinating role in between the International Energy Agency, OPEC international institutions such as the G20, gradually embarked on the stage of global energy governance. The 2014 Brisbane summit, President Xi Jinping stressed keynote speeches on energy issues, to participate in international rule making energy, promote energy technology revolution, energy security market operation, and on behalf of Chinese Australia and the United States, led by the group of twenty nations released "energy cooperation" principle. Summit communique pointed out that strengthening energy cooperation is the focus of G20, to create a strong and anti risk energy market is crucial to economic growth". November 2015, the Antalya summit, energy issues for the first time was listed as one of the agenda of the meeting, and held the first meeting of energy ministers in the history of G20. From the Member States, the League of nations, to become a dialogue state, observer state…… Chinese in International Energy Organization in the seats from scratch, from the shallower to the deeper carry out various forms of cooperation, and the International Energy Agency, energy plays a key role in G20, the BRICs, APEC and Shanghai Cooperation Organization under the framework of global energy governance influence gradually deepened. In China, the G20 Hangzhou Summit on energy accessibility, renewable energy, energy efficiency together to develop an action plan to enhance the effectiveness of global energy governance. Chinese action will be the "burden" into "asset building operation good, open, competitive, efficient, stable and transparent energy market construction, to better reflect the world energy landscape change, global energy governance structure is more effective, more inclusive, creating an affordable, reliable, low greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable the energy in the future, while making good use of energy)相关的主题文章: