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Hiring the British Intelligence Agency: technology elite preferred – Sohu news the British Intelligence Agency five military intelligence chief Andrew Parke?. When it comes to Chinese map vision of British intelligence agents, many people will think about the film in the 007 heaven and earth, equal to anything. However, with the change and development of the times, the British intelligence agencies demand for type 007 agents in the reduction of the demand for science and technology talent is growing. Five British military director Andrew? Parke recently went directly to the scientific elite "propaganda", welcome scientists, computer experts, engineers, mathematicians consider "play diverse and challenging roles in the British intelligence agency". Parke said that if the "collection of five military excellence in the world", will become more powerful. As one of the UK’s main intelligence agency, is mainly responsible for the five military intelligence work on the inside, with a history of 107 years, Parke is the seventeenth director. Parke made the remarks at the annual meeting of the Royal society. The Institute is the most prestigious scientific and academic institutions in the United Kingdom, Parke was invited to deliver a speech at the meeting. In his speech the same day, Parke said that the greatest threat facing the world today from IS (Islamic state). "International terrorism is spreading, and the terrorists are creating terrorist attacks in North America, Turkey and many other countries and regions through distorted religious beliefs." Parke said, IS is the intelligence agencies the most urgent need to solve the problem, but at least take a generation to eliminate the threat of IS. "Over the past 3 years, we have foiled a plot of the 12 terrorist attacks. I work in the five military intelligence for 33 years, the UK is currently facing from the threat of terrorist attacks are higher than ever." He said that the five military success cannot do without the innovation of scientific and technical personnel and professional skills, so welcome to join the elite five military science and technology, working together to protect Britain’s national security. (Zong He) the background of Britain’s three British intelligence agencies have three major intelligence agencies, five military, six military and government communications headquarters. Group five and group six was established in 1909, and five in the UK domestic security affairs, mainly engaged in anti spyware, anti penetration work; six military in the UK for foreign espionage, mainly engaged in espionage. Five military equivalent of the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation, the main function of six military of the Central Intelligence Agency and the United States is almost the same. The government communications headquarters for remote monitoring, through the electronic device to other countries, collect and intercept secret passwords and signal decoding. 2013 exposure of the "prism", the Internet and telephone data collection program was traced to the British government communications headquarters all the land, causing the British public fears about government surveillance. British intelligence agencies to recruit people to set routines with the needs of the national anti-terrorism situation, the British intelligence agencies are expanding demand for agents. After the terrorist attacks in Paris last year, the British government decided to recruit 2000 agents, is the largest number of employing agents in the past ten years. In order to attract more people to join the intelligence agencies, the United Kingdom相关的主题文章: