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Bow parents easy to bring out their children, parents can not play with the phone all day, to guide children to understand the network correctly, do not give the child a false demonstration." In the first semester of the parents meeting, three township center kindergarten made the request, momentarily stumped a lot of parents. The school is very good, but we work almost 24 hours can not do without the phone, want to complete the task is difficult." Parents Ms. Tan said with emotion. More than the education sector, said that with the development of society, and now more and more parents, will affect the child, so that they are obsessed with electronic products, the formation of a sensitive and eccentric personality. Parents indulge children over mobile phone burned kettle Peng Liang is a 4 year old child’s father. Although every day after work to bring the child, but his cell phone has never been away from the body, as long as there will be free to take a look at, for fear of missing any information. His absent mindedness drew her daughter’s protest. "Daddy, I can’t play with my cell phone." Daughter poker-faced said. This let him know: "we all work units, notice on QQ or WeChat, rarely call, want to see it." Reporters interviewed found that in Zhongshan, similar to such a lot of parents and. With the popularity of smart phones, more and more parents to join the ranks of the bow family, accompanied by the child brush micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends or play games, ignoring the interaction with the child. Some parents in order to let the children not noisy, not protest, simply give the child a cell phone, let them watch TV, play games, etc.. "I love Mr. comparison of electronic products, when the son of two after playing computer, then we found him blink eyes also increased significantly, not on, check to the hospital to find out the problem, the doctor said he yongyanguoduo." Zhongshan City Fu sand middle school teacher Sun Tao with their own experiences, expounds the harm of "bow parents". She said, you have been a teacher for 24 years, when the teacher for many years, found the child’s problems are derived from 90% parents, most of them neglect of children. Fusha town center primary school teacher Xu Shuping also had a similar experience. Once she and his son to chat, called the son three, he ignored her, only to play their own cell phone. She immediately questioned his son, did not expect him to say a word that made her feel very surprised: I call you before, you also only play their own mobile phone, ignore me." This sentence deeply hurt and alert Xu Shuping, when WeChat just popular, I chat with the old classmates every day, watching the circle of friends, but ignored and the exchange of loved ones around." Xu Shuping said, "parents bow" will cause various damage to children, such as children not accidents, "I have a parents busy playing mobile phone, did not take care of the children, children playing carelessly knocked over the kettle on the side, the burns. In addition, emotional indifference will let children appear character problem, easy temper, character, easy to grow up to have Internet addiction such as puppy love. Zibianziyan drama family advised people not to bow to the family ‘many’ parents’ eyes down ‘mobile phone’ child ‘, not too concerned about their children. This will produce 3 problems: the child’s attention, low expectations, resulting in children’s growth quality network相关的主题文章: