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Only when the staple food is sweet, delicious and healthy – Sohu to maternal and child can do staple food with sweet potato cake stuffing into healthy dessert, sweet potato because of their sweet is a very popular food by the baby so I put it used as stuffing, stuffing made of sweet potato tortillas even without sugar, the taste is very delicious sweet potato contains dietary fiber, carotene, vitamins and minerals such as high nutritional value of the sweet potato Griddle Cake today’s super simple can eat steamed, and fried to eat breakfast tomorrow to do it Griddle Cake formula: 135g, sweet potato flour and sweet potato 150g seasoning: no cooking methods: frying and steaming reference month at the age of 18 months or more: the degree of difficulty: high difficulty. Show: suitable for food ingredients are not allergic to the baby. This method make the cake more difficult to chew, so for more than 1 and a half years old baby. During the period of diarrhea is not suitable for children to eat sweet potato OH * * Practices 1 prepare ingredients: flour, sweet potato 150g 135g. PS: Po mom can also choose to use purple potato to do purple potato cake oh! 2 sweet potato peeled, sliced. 3 the sweet potato piece steamed into the steamer. PS: there is often treasure mom asked me how long we steamed, steamer, heat and fire of different sizes, steaming time will be different, I will probably steam for 20 minutes, using chopsticks can easily penetrate the prick that sweet potatoes, steamed. 4 add appropriate amount of flour in the flour, add side stirring. PS: if you don’t want to personally and directly buy noodles, dumpling skin is more convenient. 5 of the first flour and stir into the cotton wool. 6 then put the noodles together, while kneading rubbed, finally knead the dough. PS: soft bread, hard soup, when the dough to make some soft dough. 7 cover the lid, or plastic wrap, put the dough in a warm place for half an hour. PS: face up to make the dough easier, when roll cake will save a lot of effort. 8 steamed pachyrhizus slices, spoon mash. 9 after the dough, sprinkle some dry flour on the panel, and then the dough strips, then pulling the dough into several. PS: it’s the same as we usually make dumplings. The 10 side edge with a rolling pin roll rotary rolling thin dough, the dough. 11 use a spoon to scoop a spoonful of sweet potato puree in a wrapper. 12 bags like steamed buns, will face up. Bag technique here this is before the bag had been posted? Start bag, put the dough into the stuffing center mention, near central ready. There is a small bag technique is one of the choice of thumb dough, the thumb and the dough knead tight, don’t separate, I figure is painted red circle in place. The index finger is responsible for constantly pinching out new folds, and pinching a new one at a time相关的主题文章: