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Bhutan’s capital Thimphu Tour Tour 1 – Sohu from this archway left into downtown Thimphu 2 way the scenery is so beautiful, people feel like being 3 4 5 6 7 land of idyllic beauty like 8 scattered in the valley between the houses 9 10 11 12 13 Bhutan car stop to have a rest, a child. We have fun, and he will make. 14 Bhutan beauty, do not know the way to worship or go to work. 15 Thimphu city is to commemorate the king Jigme dolgiy · · Wangchuck and the construction of the national monument. 16 early in the morning to worship a Bhutanese National Monument 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 National Memorial Tower 24 25 26 in Bhutan in Thimphu zoo at people’s homes, tour guides play when we play the similar small push wheel. 27 the owner of the house of the people in the zoo knitted scarf sales, I bought her hand to show the scarf, the price is not cheap oh. 28 29 30 31 32 33 Bhutan zoo national treasure: 34 35 36 from the zoo Tarkin way down the mountain, we get off the panoramic view of the Thimphu from 39 to 1995 37 38, Thimphu has a total of 25 types of schools (20 public schools and 5 private schools), 13627 registered students, the total number of 77276 students nationwide 18%. A famous school: the Royal School of Performing Arts (the Royal School of The Performing Arts (the), the traditional painting school School of Traditional Painting) and Traditional Medical College (the Institute of Traditional Medicine). In order to meet the growing population of Thimphu is the request for education, the royal government plans to build several schools in Thimphu in the future, the registered students will be increased to 15 thousand. The following photos were taken at a traditional school of painting and crafts. The works of art produced by the students were also sold to tourists. 40 at 41, 43, 44 noon, we went back to the city center, a small restaurant similar to the bar. 45 dishes, or quite my taste. We stayed at the Phuntsho Pelri 46 Hotel 47 on the front desk of the hotel shrine 48 a number of American tourists wearing Bhutanese costumes "fruit" (Gho), at the front portraits of the king take pictures under 49 I room 50)相关的主题文章: