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Investing Arab African International Bank is proud to launch its new private banking services under the corporate brand name "Wealth Management ". This is Following a strategy of offering a "One-Stop Banking Shop" for its high net worth clients The new service is created to address the distinctive banking and lifestyle needs of high net worth clients through the pursuit of an active financial advisory process leveraging on AAIB diversified product range, .petency of its affiliated subsidiaries and regional presence. Arab Afraican International Bank lunched its new services wealth management to prides on a history of service distinction for its clients, and today we are extending this distinction to an important client segment ." Explaining why AAIB is the one bank that is offering Wealth Management Services in the right definition, he said "not only because we have the best calibers and expertise in the market, but also because AAIB is a full fledged financial group that is able to cater to high net worth clients’ needs . Hala Al Fass, Head of AAIB Wealth Management explained that "AAIB Wealth Management brand promise has been developed through research and years of experience and can be summarized in key messages of service distinction , recognition , speed , efficiency and a true partnership for growth. Added to offering a number of prestigious services to its clients, AAIB Wealth Management adopts an active financial advisory approach with its high net worth clients targeting to maximize returns on their investment portfolios within predefined risk levels, building on the bank’s full fledged investment arms, offering their client the best chance to securely invest without the need to risk outside the bank parameter. Mrs. Al Fass adds "Wealth Management designed a selective process through which local, regional, and international investment opportunities are guaranteed," she also adds thanks to our team of well experienced and internationally exposed calibers, in addition to the bank’s branches in the UAE, which provide a network of connections for clients who are willing to invest on a regional scale." AAIB continues its role as an active financial advisor to its clients . That is evident through the .prehensive protocol followed by wealth management’s financial advisors with a client, starting with the profiling stage followed with an adequate asset allocation coupled with regular follow ups for reviews and/or rebalancing which guarantees the growth of client’s returns and his trust in a true partnership with AAIB. Both centers have a .prehensive .munication .work with all AAIB branches to provide the speed and efficient service for the wealth management clients at their preferred touch points with the bank.Arab African International bank opened two service hubs in Cairo and Alexandria, to act as primary Wealth Management launch points Wealth management clients also enjoy Visa Platinum premium credit cards that offer endless privileges, in addition to a specially tailored website that provides them with a one click view of their accounts, regular updates on new products and services as well as access to a variety of financial and lifestyle links to catch up with world news . Wealth Management division kept in mind the importance of time to its clients through offering the exceptional concierge services of Quintessentially, the world’s leading luxury lifestyle management group . The service range includes travel, holiday arrangements, VIP booking at restaurants, shopping, sports events, in addition to purchasing of art collections and finding the dream properties all over the world. "AAIB wealth management, our clients will always feel the difference in the professional service level, the recognition they deserve and a real banking partnership that caters to all their needs." Hala Al Fass said About the Author: 相关的主题文章: