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Beijing Tibet will highlight the international range of   Chinese publishing go more solid pace – the media – original title: Beijing Tibet will highlight the international range of children in such negotiations everywhere Romania folk singer Recha singing children happily and walk inside taitouwawa photo look like coffee deck? Wrong, this is the place to read children and parents are on the screen story attracted the foreign lady looking to learn advanced Chinese textbook "the Expo this year than last year, seems to be neat, orderly many. A lot of good books, cover design is also a lot of soft, with the middle color of the elegant. The press showed a strong "go out" passion and energy, but also to what we have been very understanding of the book, I am very surprised." Japan Overseas newspaper director Ms. Duan Jingzi said in an interview, they in the twenty-third Beijing International Book Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Tibet", English referred to as BIBF), not only to share the experience of Japan in Chinese told stories with the Chinese press, Chinese books also choose to want to introduce more than 10 japanese. Thirty years of age ChinaWorld international was founded in 1986 in Tibet, adhering to the "the world outstanding book introduction China, let Chinese books to the world" the purpose, from 30 years ago to 35 participating countries, the exhibition area of 7800 square meters, 228 participating publishers, 50 thousand pieces of exhibits, copyright trade less than 100; development this year the 86 participating countries, the exhibition area of 78600 square meters, the exhibition publishers 2407, display varieties 300 thousand, a foreign copyright trade agreement 5018, the introduction of the output ratio reached 1: 1.58. Some of the world’s second largest book fair will be a more stable position, has become an important window for exhibitors to understand the world and trend of the publishing industry. This year, the global publishing industry 10 strong in 9 in Tibet will set up a booth. Landon CEO, global Penguin dule union Cengage learning international President Alexander group, Spain? Broich planet group in Latin America president Jose? Cara Felli famous high press to attend International Publishing Forum, discuss the future direction of the publishing industry. The pace to go out more solid this year Tibet meeting, held more than 1 thousand cultural exchange activities, we can clearly see that the Chinese culture, wisdom is with this important platform, Everfount to spread all over the world. China with the field of Social Sciences Press launched 5 academician. English version and 8 kinds of Chinese academic translation project English edition. "China academician of the Academy of Social Sciences symposia" selected academician in the life of the most representative and creative academic essence, the famous British publisher Rod Rich Press published 20 signing of members of the English version. Take 35 of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Press Academic translation project, now the first results have been introduced, including Wang Weiguang’s "interest theory", and cited foreign download rate high Cai? The "crack Chinese economic development puzzle". The author of "the experience of democracy in China" and the director of the Political Science Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences相关的主题文章: