Beijing this summer, the average temperature of 25.7 degrees centigrade record

Beijing this summer, the average temperature of 25.7 DEG C, record the original title: the average temperature of 25.7 degrees in Beijing this summer, the temperature record Legal Evening News (reporter Zhao Yingyan) this year, people in Beijing feel the weather is particularly hot, autumn has been more than a month, but the weather of Beijing did not feel a trace of autumn "". Now the dew solar term, in addition to some dry, does not seem to get rid of the hot remnants. This morning, the law late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Bureau, just past August is the warmest since the meteorological records in Beijing in August. Beijing in August this year, the average temperature of 25.7 degrees C, higher than the average annual temperature of 1.6 degrees, is a record of the highest since the same period in history with the same period in 2006. The Beijing Observatory in August the average temperature of 27.5 degrees, the highest level since 1950. In fact, from the beginning of July, Beijing opened a cooking and baking, hot and dry heat turns debut. "This is mainly due to the impact of several hot weather systems in Beijing this summer. The subtropical high pressure, and took turns, sometimes forming damp heat, and the formation of the high temperature, leading to the people of Beijing have experienced the hottest summer." Li Xun, deputy director of Beijing Meteorological Service Center explained. Hot weather makes people feel hot, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment have opened, electricity consumption increased rapidly. This brings difficulties to the operation of the city, especially the power security. In July 13th, the first day of Beijing V, the highest temperature soared to 38 degrees Celsius, the local area exceeded 40 degrees celsius. According to the Beijing Electric Power Corporation responsible person, the maximum power load in Beijing reached 18 million 166 thousand kilowatts, breaking the 2013 record of 17 million 760 thousand kilowatts; however, hot weather, not a sign of weakness and intensified, as of August 11th, Tepobaimi Boolean records, the average temperature in Beijing in more than 30 DEG C, and the relative humidity is close to saturation, and Beijing power grid load again to refresh the record, reached a record 20 million 828 thousand kilowatts of extreme value. Less than a month’s time, even high innovation, breaking 20 million kilowatts mark. Since September, Beijing only sooner or later there is cool, the highest temperature today is 31 degrees. However, the day after the arrival of a light rain, the maximum temperature of only 24 degrees C. Next week, the maximum temperature has been suppressed, at 26 to 29 degrees Celsius, will no longer be on the level of 30 degrees celsius. Editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: