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Beijing Quju "yellow red" ended   sharpen details — stick to classic entertainment channel, August 29th to 31, ending in Beijing Quju "yellow red" and staged in Beijing Bridge Art Center shock, three performances at the end of the harvest of praise, prolonged applause from the audience. The famous director in Phoenix opera praised the details after the increasingly sophisticated, the quality is still excellent, and the expression of the upgraded version of "yellow red" love and hope. Currently, the drama has been selected in Beijing 2015 years of cultural quality projects. Beijing Quju "yellow red" by the city of Beijing Quju group in 2013 in a row, since the premiere, always by critics and audiences alike, and this, the play after the new double line after the upgrade, the story is more abundant, more elaborate stage show. The play, Cao Xueqin and Bao Chai share and mutual dialogue across time and space, a new interpretation of red mansions with a unique perspective, in addition to the original frame, connected with the "dream of Red Mansions" in several important segments, the mentality of the characters of the most incisive interpretation, unique manifestation, touching story, let the audience unforgettable. It is understood, who plays Cao Xueqin Sheng Guosheng, in order to play the role, look a lot about the works of Cao Xueqin, has devoted a lot of effort. The first-class team behind and the actors’ interpretation of the intentions, makes the play in appearance after the harvest by many people in the industry and the general audience, after the Beijing Quju opera "Xu Beihong" the Phoenix opera director commented: "it is still amazing to clear stubborn opera quality, because of its special dispute alone, also can hardly be avoided. From the deluxe edition, Lite version, garden edition, until today’s National Art Foundation Edition, the details of the increasingly delicate, quality is still good." Netizen "127" also wrote on micro-blog "filthy authors are, flavor, thanks to the" yellow red "let me see the pain and tears of snow celery!" Netizen "jade ruler" with the lyrics of admiration, and said "from the folk music and the symphony orchestra director visible also incorporates some opera flavor, the soundtrack from A to Z are like, many like a chorus of 87 version of" a dream of Red Mansions "feeling." The play by the famous writer and poet Wang Haiping screenwriter, China Conservatory of Music performing arts department director Chen Yu as director, Dai Yisheng Beijing Quju singing music composer feats as design. Through the processing of changes, not only in content rich characters and perspective, and in music, in addition to the Beijing music troupe and Chinese Orchestra, also invited the Oriental Symphony Orchestra Orchestra, constellation choir, fusion of different style adds a live performance effect. All along, Beijing City Music troupe are committed to excellent content for audiences, and as the carrier to carry forward the traditional culture, promote the inheritance and development of this art form of Beijing Quju, the next will bring more wonderful play for the majority of the audience. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: