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Peking Opera "cat" into the campus   the "conscience" work break make mad spell — entertainment channel — August 29th, a micro-blog # repair operation body is hollowed out the topic # quietly occupy micro-blog hot topic list, causing many users have tucao. In the student in a summer job fill "debris flow", a "special" school summer homework — watching cartoons, is tantamount to a "clean", the children brought a warm summer, the primary school has therefore been friends for fun "history of Colonel world conscience". The homework body was emptied? Some people are happy that the summer vacation has come to an end, but also to the annual students crazy summer homework time. Face heavy homework pressure, students have turned the power up mode of operation. Even more unexpected is that a # repair operation body was emptied # micro-blog topic in today’s quietly occupied micro-blog hot list, triggered netizens spoof. Is summer homework crazy "delay in patients with advanced cancer who fall over each other" cheating "Tucao operations mentality, many" eat melon masses "himself, have come to" assist ", the tragic history of all kinds of wonderful summer jobs have been clawed. As the main force of 80, Tucao, 90 users first to share the school age up summer homework trick, what tourism did not forget the homework by typhoon go home fire operation did not keep……" All kinds of wonderful tricks and surprising, and even friends holding a summer job cross by pet dog "bite". In the face of a pile of homework, the homework will be crazy students but issued a "no summer vacation is no harm" "carry forward the women’s volleyball team spirit operations", emerge in an endless stream of "slots" is to let users across the screen can feel the students "fill for industry body is hollowed out of sadness. In fact, the summer job students become enemies, on the one hand from the school arranged too heavy homework, on the other hand with the most suffering from Procrastination of the students did not arrange summer job execution planning. When all the students are in the non-stop crazy operations, a friends broke the news of a primary school teacher in the school summer homework: watching cartoons "Peking Opera cat" write a review, and the teacher or parents role exchange, and give them a summer job arrangement. So two copies of "conscience" homework to micro-blog immediately after causing users crazy forwarding comments, children with style and teacher’s reply was God by netizens as "the most adorable summer vacation homework". It is understood that the user released the summer job from the Beijing Opera cat official joint Beijing, a primary school held a Beijing Opera cat into the Campus – to spend the summer with their children activities. In the hot topic # operations as micro-blog hollowed out # "debris" coerced, the primary school "thin" version of the summer job is tantamount to a "clean", bring a warm summer for the children. The primary school has therefore been friends ridicule as the history of the Colonel’s conscience". "Peking Opera cat" into the campus is also a warm summer vacation this summer, "Peking Opera cat" official joint school organized by the campus activities aimed at accompanying children相关的主题文章: