Beijing modern new Yue Auto Show debut – Auto Sohu-zngay

Beijing modern new Yue Auto Show debut – Sohu in November 18th, the fourteenth session of the Guangzhou auto show of import and export commodities trading in the China exhibition hall officially opened. Beijing’s modern articles accepted (4 door version & 5 edition), Lang, collar, real name map, ninth generation Sonata, ninth generation Sonata hybrid version, ix25, new Tucson, new Shengda 10 mainstream models and modern automobile joint exhibition. For Chinese Market Research and development of new economy — the new Elantra sedan also appeared in the first auto show. The development trend of energy saving and environmental protection, science and Technology Intelligence Based on modern Beijing to speed up the new change of speed, the exhibition of hot models for the products listed this year new or updated, embodies the fine layout strategy of modern Beijing followed the market and consumer trends. In addition, modern Beijing has set up a special hybrid zone and acceptance of technology experience area, through the VR technology, Carplay& Carlife; intelligent mobile phone interconnection system, intelligent key Bracelet H-band and other very popular user experience, creating a vibrant and sense of science and technology for car life. A reinterpretation of classic new Yue debut at the show site, Beijing modern new intermediate car "CELESTA" debut, and released a new Chinese named "yue". The new extension of Beijing modern popular intermediate car "Yue" name, on behalf of Beijing modern popular classic intermediate car coupe quality and reputation of the inheritance. Yue and Elantra brand, is China intermediate car, a generation of classic, has been called the "new three sedan domestic happiness". Since the Elantra listed in 2008, by virtue of the design, space, configuration and reliable quality advantages, many in the industry user satisfaction evaluation gains the championship, won the trust of users, the cumulative sales exceeded 1 million 300 thousand. As a new economic sedan for China market development, a new generation of Yue in the tradition of Yue excellent DNA, to achieve a number of parameters increases, and add a number of unique configuration at the same level. In the design, safety, comfort and reliability, to meet the needs of consumers on the practical, economic and comfort. A new generation of "Modern Simplicity" with Wyatt modern minimalist design, appearance more tough, simple, concise, atmospheric quality and very much in the sense of security; consumer concern, a new generation of sports performance is also remarkable, while maintaining the Wyatt high safety performance, enhance the active and passive safety, not only has the ABS VSM, EBD, ESC, TPMS, HAC, ESS and other advanced configuration, and expand the body for super high tension steel plate, and is equipped with an enhanced version of the side airbag, coupled with the same level of competing products 43.4 meters the minimum brake distance, bring security for users to complete. In addition, through the comprehensive improvement of science and technology, intelligent space, convenience, new Yue comfort is that the. With the improvement and optimization of the layout, to achieve the maximum utilization of space, in the head of the leading knee space at the same time, it provides the maximum trunk volume and 490L.相关的主题文章: