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"The four day" in Beijing city impression, view the world rivers – Sohu tourism in Beijing – Tiananmen – Tiananmen square – Nanluogu Lane – the Imperial Palace – Jingshan Hill Park – Houhai – Zhongnanhai – the Badaling Great Wall – Beijing: Tsinghua University – Tsinghua University library on his history and culture absolutely makes everyone shocked to see many of the TV series must know better than me. For the impression of the capital because of the haze so stay in a bad impression, but after coming to find that he is also very beautiful. Not much to say. As the capital of People’s Republic of China, municipalities, National Center City, large city, national political center, cultural center, international exchange center, science and technology innovation center, is the Central Committee of the Communist Party of People’s Republic of China Chinese, the Central People’s government and the National People’s Congress Office location. On this trip, said to go on a trip: a rare summer vacation, had wanted to go to the laboratory and a group of students to the northwest, but because of their special want to go to the northeast, the temporary pull a classmate, go you! Before you meet a trouble. Received a phone call from the Bank of China: I said there was a credit card overdue, when the fire, and how there may be overdue credit card, I never owed the bank money, ah, how can there be overdue! Later, after the phone, e-mail and other communication, the bank admitted that he was clearing the error, help me change over. However, my personal credit records can not be erased within a short period of time, to get rid of personal credit to go to the people’s Bank of china. So he asked all the phone, but the bank gave me the answer is the end of the month to submit my personal credit records and materials submitted to themselves, they will help me like the Bank of objection to the application, so, with such a bad mood on the northward journey. Beijing:… I am a Southerner, for the general impression is 20 years old, some people say that the future must have the opportunity to go to the north and the south, because there is no college wind fly. And a few years later, I did not hear the news about its sunset and snow, more of his house! High-ranking official! Pressure! Smog! Although there are a variety of capital on the news, but in me a friend of 7 years often mention the future graduate must go to Beijing to work for a few years, because of the historical relics, delicious, fun city of Beijing snacks, beyond count, unique scenery and the Great Wall are enough to make people spend a period of time in particular, there is a unique Beijing Hutong, this let me think of "old gun", perhaps that is another impression of beijing. Say something: Beijing fun place is really too much, I’m afraid by traveling in the ten day visit enough, and I only stay for a few days, so went to the famous places. It said the trip to Beijing: Tiananmen square – "D1:" – the Great Hall of the people near the Lama Temple – "D2" – the Imperial Palace Guijie: Tiananmen – Jingshan Hill – "Houhai" – "Houhai Bar Street: D3 D4 the Badaling Great Wall: Tsinghua University – Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications" – "snack street D5: early in the morning to leave town, to the north in Beijing: Beijing as the emperor = China相关的主题文章: