Beijing, Fangshan, someone robbed the child is a rumor that the police do not prompt the public to s-aapt.exe

Beijing people in Fangshan to grab the child is not forwarded rumor police prompted the public – Beijing, "people in Fangshan to grab the child" is a rumor Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Zhang Jingya) yesterday, a message on the Fangshan California County Water District someone stole children "mad in the circle of friends, but after the Beijing morning news reporter verification found that the recent Fangshan police have not received the relevant alarm. Police remind the public, for such news, do not believe it will be forwarded without verification. Please note: the family with children, adults should be optimistic about the recent Beijing Fangshan District city California County Water District occurred one after another to grab the child’s event, today there is a child was robbed. According to the description of the child’s parents, the children are taken away by 7 people." Have the message thriller words at the end also suggested that "this is the teacher of the school sent", "received the people to turn about, this is a fact! Let more people know that a turn may save a life". However, the news reporter rob children of deja vu, check the Internet, similar news a year ago on the Internet, most of the rhetoric didn’t change, but the place from the field to Fangshan California County water". According to the California County Water District, a security guard said, we are also in the circle of friends to see the WeChat news, but the authenticity can not be determined, we never heard." He said that there have been similar rumors before, but almost all proved to be false. Children have been stolen traffickers, is a normal family will choose the alarm. However, the reporter interviewed Beijing Fangshan police, found that the local has never received such an alarm. Police said the hope that people do not believe the rumor after forwarding.相关的主题文章: