Beauty Kashmir Kashmir Tours Are Forever-autobots

Beauty Kashmir Kashmir is the land where Mughal emperors escaped to enjoy some quiet time and artists would sit in meditation to draw inspiration for their work. Such surreal natural exuberance enchants all .pelling to head for Kashmir tours again and again. Romantic Shikara Ride: Like the irresistible Kashmir tours a Shikara ride is also forever. Obtrusively beautiful Dal Lake is edged with gorgeous Mughal Gardens on both the sides and the scenery is .pleted with a perfect backdrop of mighty Himalayas. Shikara ride on Dal Lake is thus an incredible experience. Riding a traditionally built wooden Shikara boat one can experience royal treatment while passing by boats selling exotic flowers and luscious fruits adds beauty to the perfectly romantic settings. Soulful Nature Walk in Gorgeous Mughal Gardens: Lustrous chinar trees are lined perfectly at gorgeous Mughal gardens of Nishant and Shalimar. Decked with natural splendor the gardens are great specimen of zenith of Mughal horticulture. They are embellished with artificial streams, Mughal style pavilions, ornamental fountains and lush terraced landscapes. A leisurely stroll in the gardens proves to be most rejuvenating experience of Kashmir tour packages. Just sit back and let the serenity suffuse all inside your system and then breathe fresh on the banks of Dal Lake to be able to absorb a tranquil expression of Kashmir. Taste of Adventure Sports for Real: What intrigues adventure lovers the most is the sight of mighty Himalayan peaks and it is no tout’s business, but adventure sports in Kashmir are for the real courageous enthusiasts only. The lush meadows, snow-capped peaks and powerful streams gives way to enjoy abundance of adventure activities which includes skiing in Gulmarg, trekking at Gulmarg and Amarnath, paragliding in Kashmir and more. Shopping & So Much More: Kashmiri handlooms are known for their exquisite usage of colors and gorgeous designs. Shopping in Kashmir is so much more than that for it also brings an opportunity to have a closer look at the art and architectural trends of the region. Hand woven shawls and carpets are amongst some of the best buys while silverware, pottery items are equally irresistible mementos. After eventful Kashmir tours guests always leave with an abundance of delightful memories and a .pletely rejuvenated soul which .pels them to repeat the journey year after year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: