Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel project initial suction drama has just begun (with merger benefit ravbin

Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel project initial suction drama has just begun (with merger benefit shares) hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always tell you the author has Liu Baoxing Chan falls after nearly 3 months are you planning, strategic restructuring direction with Baosteel absorption of WISCO initially. The evening of September 20th, Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group (600019) (600005) synchronous disclosure of significant progress in asset restructuring announcement, the major asset restructuring plans for the initial transaction to Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel shares all shareholders of A shares issued convertible, convertible merger of wisco. According to 2015 sales data, Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel combined, will have more than 60 million tons of crude steel production, ranking first in China, the world’s second. This integration also means that Wuhan Iron and Steel shares, which is one of the earliest domestic listed companies, will also be accompanied by changes in the development of China’s steel industry has become a history. Stock price is the key to 3 years ago, Ma Guoqiang was transferred from Baosteel Wuhan Iron and Steel Group chairman of the board, then the market will have to integrate the Baosteel and Wuhan conjecture. Regardless of the scale of the enterprise or performance indicators, the current Baosteel shares are significantly better than the Wuhan Iron and steel shares. In particular, after the loss of 7 billion 500 million yuan last year, Wuhan Iron and Steel shares to reduce costs, improve the efficiency of greater pressure, while Baosteel shares to maintain a relatively stable development momentum. Currently, the total share capital of Baosteel 16 billion 500 million, with a total market capitalization of about $80 billion 800 million; Wuhan Iron and Steel shares of the total share capital of 10 billion 100 million, the total market capitalization of $27 billion 900 million. In terms of stock exchange merger, it may still exist due to the different texture, enterprise valuation of both shareholders disagree. Although the overall restructuring plan led by the SASAC, but because both major shareholders of Baosteel Group and Wuhan Iron and steel group were required to abstain from voting on the restructuring plan, the small shareholders approved the convertible price also is particularly critical. Baosteel in June 25th before the suspension of the trend of Wuhan Steel shares in June 25th before the suspension of trend of the steel supply side reform as the first task of the country to promote the supply side reforms, steel and coal production capacity, is the priority among priorities this year’s work. Data show that as of the end of July, the steel industry capacity to complete 47% tasks, the coal industry completed only 38%, more than half the time, failed to achieve the task in half. Since 20, iron and steel sector gainers stocks in 2016, the number of central enterprises restructuring, including China building materials and materials group, CTS group and CITS group, COFCO group and other textile group. On July 26th, the general office of the State Council issued the guiding opinions on promoting the restructuring and reorganization of the central enterprises, which put forward the following measures: to consolidate and strengthen a number of; to develop a batch of innovation; to consolidate and integrate a batch; to clear out a batch. One of the first is to promote the powerful combination, encourage coal, electricity, metallurgy and other industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises restructuring. From the industry point of view, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and steel official merger means that China’s iron and steel industry consolidation curtain opened, took the elimination of vicious competition, to promote the production capacity相关的主题文章: