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Baidu shares by Deutsche Bank Merrill downgraded the search business prospects downturn Sina Technology News Beijing standard time on September 29th evening news, affected by Deutsche Bank cut stock rating and target price of the shares of Baidu (Nasdaq:BIDU) today in the NASDAQ fell 1.6% to $187.74. Deutsche Bank Investment Research Report released today, the Baidu stock rating from "buy" to "hold", target price from $219 to $201. Deutsche Bank said in a report, although the market for Baidu’s new quarter outlook is relatively low, but the company’s share price recently contrarian rise, has now been restored to May before the "death of Wei Zexi" level. In May this year, Xi’an Electronic and Science University student Wei Zexi two years ago, detection of advanced synovial sarcoma, through the Baidu search to find the The Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Force, spent nearly 200 thousand yuan in medical expenses, still died. The incident has once again raised public opinion on the Baidu auction advertising ranking system and its corporate responsibility of large-scale questioning. Deutsche bank analyst Alan Hellawell (Alan Hellawell) that, for Baidu, this part of the business to return to normal completely also need a period of time, this will affect Baidu’s advertising revenue, until 2017. Hellawell said: Baidu platform cleanup work will continue, will continue until the fourth quarter of this year and 2017." For the 2016 fiscal year, Baidu fiscal 2017 and fiscal year 2018 revenue and net profit, Hellawell continues to maintain the expected before, but the search business, PEG (price earnings ratio relative to earnings growth ratio) from 1 times to 0.9 times lower. In contrast, Merrill Lynch analyst Kok Onn Yong more bearish Baidu. Yesterday, Kok Onn Yong reiterated Baidu stock sell rating, that Baidu’s core search business has stalled, Baidu must seek other new business. Kok Onn Yong said: Although Baidu’s search business has a leading market position, but the current computing platform is moving from PC to mobile devices, which is a disadvantage for Baidu. Therefore, we expect that Baidu will actively seek to develop new business." In addition, Baidu invested some of the companies in the initial stages of development. Therefore, we believe that Baidu will invest heavily to establish market position, in order to compete with Alibaba and Tencent." Kok Onn Yong believes that Baidu’s investment will mainly focus on the field of automatic driving, high-quality video content and artificial intelligence. (Li Ming)相关的主题文章: