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B: analysis of Tokyo green drop disk flat half may not really relax – Tokyo green Sohu vs Kitakyusyu sunflower 2016 days post B thirty-fifth round game time: 2016-10-08 Saturday 15:00 Macao: 1.060 disc hemisphere 0.780 Bet365 disk: 0.730 tied hemisphere 1.080 William Hill: 2.10 3.10 3.40 2.05 3.25 3.60 Ladbrokes: [news] score data 1 Tokyo, the green round 1-2 away defeat Machida, nearly 3 round 1 flat 2 negative. 2, Tokyo green nearly 3 home court 2 wins 1 flat, nearly 6 home court only lost to Yokohama FC (4 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses). 3, Tokyo green nearly 11 matches each round ball, averaging more than 1.8 goals, nearly 10 home court only 1 games without conceding a goal. 4, giravanz Kitakyushu nearly two continuous stuffy Kyoto Sanga and Consadole Sapporo two teams, nearly 5 wheel 2 flat 3 negative for the most, 5 games without scoring a goal. 5, giravanz Kitakyushu near 5 League 1 wins 4 flat unbeaten run, nearly 7 away only to pass. 6, two teams this season opener, Tokyo green 1-2 away defeat. [analysis] asian handicap according to data provided the net score, crown ball chupan Tokyo green Lord let hemisphere high water in 1.08, after the opening of more rapid drop flat plate to the Lord let the hemisphere 0.82 low water cut main tendency; crown size ball chupan 22.5 high water ball, open the disc is not low. Tokyo green is currently ranked seventeenth in the league, 7 points ahead of the relegation zone, while giravanz Kitakyushu bottom points, still 1 points behind Jinze, theory under more pressure of competition; the League trend weakened slightly in Tokyo green, there are bright spots in the face of the recent Road North Kyushu, handicap drop plate and there is no lack of evidence, which may not be mercy. The disc recommended: Tokyo green -0.25 SMG recommended: 31相关的主题文章: