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The aviation industry experts and scholars gathered in Haikou to explore the standard to help responsible aviation South China Sea, South China Sea client Haikou November 4th news (South China Sea network reporter Li Xiaomei correspondent Feng Lin) the afternoon of November 4th, the second session of the forum "HNA social responsibility standard boost responsible aviation industry" will be held in Haikou. From the United Nations Global Compact Chinese network, China Standardization Research Institute, China Academy of Social Sciences, Civil Aviation University of China and other institutions and enterprises of Hainan aviation experts, sustainable development issues such as how to deal with the air transport industry standard for the exchange of. China Institute of standardization researcher Chen Yuanqiao keynote speech at the meeting. Chen Yuanqiao, Yan Shu a correspondent for map China Standardization Research Institute said in his speech, the standard power sustainable development has become an international consensus, the achievements of responsible aviation industry cannot do without the guidance of standard. With the help of standards, we can establish a consensus of the social responsibility of the industry, promote the practice of the social responsibility of the industry and promote the overall level of the industry to upgrade. And to provide detailed technical guidelines for the practice of social responsibility for the industry to provide alternative options for the future of the international air transport industry standards. Hainan aviation products and brand Department Deputy General Manager Tan Po introduction, the sustainable development of daily operation and industry to regulate and lead the aviation industry, Hainan airlines and China Institute of standardization to achieve cooperation, and jointly promote the development of air transport industry standard. By the China Institute of standardization is responsible for drafting the implementation of the air transport industry social responsibility guide, is expected to provide the first standard model for the entire industry social responsibility. Tan Po, deputy general manager of Hainan aviation products and brand department. Yan Shu a correspondent for map features and special guests from the practice of the air transport industry, from the issue of safety, labor practice, environment, consumer issues, the establishment and practice of the standard for the exchange and discussion. Through the interpretation of the "air transport industry social responsibility implementation guide", one of the guests, "guide" only to follow the development rules of social responsibility, combined with the characteristics of air transport industry, the full integration of social responsibility, provide practical management tools and methods, which are both innovative and can solve practical problems that can be a sustainable development of the industry and the widespread application of power industry. Human resources and Social Security Department of the International Labor Security Research Institute, former deputy director Zhang Junfeng pointed out that with the development of social economy, sustainable development has become the enterprise survival, development of the aviation industry standard of social responsibility has the necessity and urgency of the implementation of standards, will also promote the enterprise to enhance the strength and become more sustainable future strong power.相关的主题文章: