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Small autumn autumn wedding wedding wedding small key collocation skill needs to pay attention, if you choose is a piece of outdoor green space, the best site is relatively complete, a small wedding banquet in the active region is relatively open, in order to facilitate the activities of the guests. Let’s take a look at what is the focus of a small wedding. Choose a memorable wedding venue to large wedding, focus on small scale wedding arrangement lies in the fact that the fine, fine, so the selection of the best site is more details. Small garden, courtyard, villa, restaurant, yacht is a very good choice, don’t worry, whether indoors or outdoors as long as the arrangement, can be used as a small wedding venue. Note that if you choose is a piece of outdoor green space, the best site is relatively complete, in the banquet area for guests activities relatively empty. Simply speaking, there are not too many trees on this site, which will hinder the sight of the guests, and the photos will not be good enough. Similarly, if it is held indoors, it is necessary to avoid too many columns and winding corridors. Do you need to hire wedding company? In order to make this important day more orderly, the wedding company should be invited to assist the organization. If you want more creative layout, of course you can do it yourself, but if you want a grand wedding attention, not to invite experienced wedding and not the host supervision. The former can help you guide the guests sitting in the site, the atmosphere in a lively and orderly; the latter will use humor and coordination ability to fully mobilize every person’s feelings. Also please wedding company help: invite a band, rent wedding company leads and flower door, asking them to help find experienced photographer, cameraman and sound engineers. Careful use of color, due to the size of the restrictions, the choice of small wedding color and collocation is more important. Indeed, generally speaking, warm color will make the space is smaller, but the choice of colors or in the premise of site conditions and the number of guests settled down. 1, if you are the party in the room, because the area and high Restaurant Limited, the use of strong colors will cause certain visual pressure, the best and the planner to discuss the use of large, light color, table flowers, ornaments and accessories used bright colors. 2, if the party is in an open outdoor space, limit is not so much, sometimes with bright colors but can bring vitality and tension, make dinner. Because the site is relatively small, you and the guests are close contact, so the interactive program will fully mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone. Make a toast to leave a photo, all repeat your wedding vows, rhythmic applause, even the chorus, is not too much space and can mobilize the enthusiasm of the good game.

秋季小型婚礼重点 秋季婚礼搭配技巧小型婚礼需要注意的是,如果你们选择的是一块户外绿地,这块场地最好相对完整,小型婚礼在宴会活动区相对要空旷,以便于宾客活动。下面我们就来看看举办一场小型婚礼的重点是什么。 挑选令人难忘的婚礼场地 相对于大型婚礼来说,小规模婚礼布置的重点在于体现精致、精细,所以挑选的场地最好也是细节比较多的。小花园、院落、别墅、餐吧、游艇等都是非常好的选择,不必担心,无论室内还是室外只要布置得当,都可以作为小型婚宴的举办场地。 需要注意的是,如果你们选择的是一块户外绿地,这块场地最好相对完整,在宴会活动区相对空旷,以便于宾客活动。简单说,在这块场地上不能有太多树,那样会阻碍宾客的视线,拍出照片来也会不够好看。同样的,如果是在室内举办,就要避免过多的柱子和曲折的回廊。 需要聘用婚庆公司吗? 为了使这重要的日子更加有序,还是应该邀请婚庆公司来协助组织。如果你想要布置方面更有创意,当然可以自己动手,但如果希望婚礼隆重的重视,就非要邀请有经验的婚礼督导和主持人不可。 前者可以帮你引导来宾就坐,使场地内的气氛热闹又有秩序;后者则会用幽默的言语和协调能力充分调动每一个人的情绪。可以请婚庆公司帮忙的还有:邀请一支乐队、租用婚庆公司的路引和花门、让他们帮忙寻找有经验的摄影师、摄像师、音响师。 慎用色彩 由于规模的限制,小型婚礼色彩的选择和搭配就更为重要。的确,一般来讲,热烈的色彩会使空间显得更小,但色彩的选择还是要在场地的条件和来宾人数的前提下来确定。 1、如果你们是在室内办宴会,由于餐厅的面积及层高所限,运用浓烈的色彩会造成一定的视觉压力,最好和策划师商量,大面积使用比较淡的色彩,桌花、装饰物等配件采用鲜艳的颜色。 2、如果是在一块开阔的室外绿地举办宴会,限制就没有那么多,有时采用鲜艳的颜色反而能带来活力和张力,令宴会更出彩。 因为场地比较小,你们和宾客之间属于近距离接触,所以全场互动的节目会能充分调动起大家的积极性。让大家共同举杯留张合影、所有人一起重复你们的结婚誓言、有节奏的鼓掌,甚至大合唱,都是不用太大活动空间又能调动积极性的好游戏。相关的主题文章: