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UnCategorized Baby Boomers Need to Consider LTC Insurance Long Term Care and LTC insurance is an important issue for baby boomers, their parents and me. The reality of long term care is at the forefront of our minds because of the news, TV or personal experience. We must ask ourselves what impact an unexpected illness or accident would have on our finances. What is long-term care who needs it and how much will it cost. Before we look at these questions let me share some fun facts about getting "older". 1. Over 40% of all Americans over the age of 65 will spend some time in a nursing home due to a prolonged illness or disability. 2. One year in a nursing home can cost $36,000 to $60,000. Currently, the average cost in a long term care facility in America is $41,000 per year. The average cost of a visit by a home health aide is $52. Daily visits would cost you almost $19,000 per year. Skilled nursing at home, to administer medication or oxygen, for example, five days per week for a year would cost you an average of $94 per visit, or $24,440 per year. 3. Health care plans and Medicare .bined pay only about 3% of the costs of long term care. State Medicaid programs rescue only those families who descend to the poverty level. The rest .es out of pocket – nest eggs, funds earmarked for retirement, life savings – or from a long term care insurance policy. 4. In 1983, Medicare began a new program called the Prospective Payment System. Instead of reimbursing hospitals for the actual cost of treating patients, this program now pays a set fee according to 467 Diagnostic Related Groups, or DRGs. Once a patient reaches the arbitrary number of days in the hospital, Medicare payments stop regardless of the individual patient’s actual condition or the need for continuing care. 5. 70% of people who are older than 65 will need long term care services. 6. 77 million Americans will turn 50 over the next 18 years. That’s 1 person every 7.5 seconds. 7. 43% of individuals age 65 will enter a nursing home sometime in their lifetime, with 50% staying an average of 2.5 years. 8. The national average cost for 1 year in a nursing home is approximately $41,000; in larger cities from $50 to $60,000 annually. 9. 50 percent of all couples and 70 percent of single persons are impoverished within one year of entering a nursing home. 10. For every person receiving care in a nursing home, there are 4 people receiving care outside a facility. 11. The annual cost to .panies for lost productivity from elder care responsibilities is $17 billion a year or $3,142 per employee. 12. By 2020, 1 in 3 workers will be a care giver for a family member. Most of us would never dream of not having home owners insurance, health insurance (that’s another issue) or auto insurance. After looking at some of the facts and family medical history, the conclusion seems clear that as baby boomers, we must give this a serious look. The challenge for us is too learn as much as we can about long term care so that we can have options and not be caught off guard by an unexpected illness that could wipe out our retirement or add an undue burden on our families. Sources: Life Insurance Selling, December 1992 CBS News – Census Bureau New England Journal of Medicine, February 1991 American Association of Homes for the Aging, 1989, Leimberg, 1992 HIAA, "Long Term Care — Needs, Costs and Financing (1992) Leimberg’s "Think About It" Stephan R. Leimberg, JD, CLU (November 1992) U.S. Administration on Aging, July 1991 USA Today, July 19, 1994 Wall Street Journal, July 19, 1995 USA Today, July 19, 1994 Long Term Care Conclusion 。

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Vacation-Rentals For the people who are going in for an occasion and wishing to make it special, there are the facilities of limo hire that can make you stand unique from the crowd at any occasion. Whether it is a star night, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, prom parties, bachelor parties or the business party, hiring a limo can add a special touch to the party. Earlier the people who used to avail the service of limo hire came from the wealthy and rich families that are the societys affluent section but now with so many limo hire services around, there are good prices offered that can be afforded by almost everyone. A limo hire can be one of the best for kids for spending time with their friends while they enjoy the benefited service of the first-class travel with the candies, balloons and clown. Adults can also have the benefit as there are easy facilities that can be availed by them along with the .fortable traveling. There are facilities of discs, drinks and also a safe VIP travel destination. To travel in a Cheap Limousine Hire is the symbol of absolute and inclusive excellence and elegance as well as is also a dream .e true for any one. You can spend perfect time with the family after you hire the limo to attend various parties. Besides the hire service for the wedding parties, prom parties and others, limo hire can also be made available for various other occasions, such as the corporate events that can be picked up by the clients from the particular hotel. There are also various other kinds of service that can be availed by the people who avail the limo hire that can include home pick up and also extra space requirement for the events, such as the wedding dinners, hen parties, anniversary dinners and star nights. You can avail the Hummer Limo Hire service for almost all the categories of the limos that can include the multi purpose vehicles, first class stretched limousines and the executive saloons. Traveling in a limo can be an amazing and truly unf.ettable experience for you if it is well equipped with the classy things, such as the dancing floors, waiters and also the fog machines. Also exclusive and elite things can be also demanded that can be magazines, drinks such as colas, snacks and also newspapers. For having a fun filled and luxurious travel or picnic with the family members, you can avail the services for hiring the limos like minibuses as well as the Grand Voyager. There are a variety of services that can include centralized air conditioning, GPS service, multiple CD player, power sliding doors, GPS radio, CD changer with ten speakers along with the DVD player and roof rack. While you avail the limo hire service for various events where you can travel with the friends, family or any other person to the venue, there is no need to worry about the parking as the chauffer will park the limo at any convenient place. The qualified and professionally trained drivers, you can have a better experience that is convenient as well as memorable. 。

the buyer can determine what is right for their car. When shopping online for cheap car speakers

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Building a superior car sound system does not have to empty your pockets. Brand name cheap car speakers are available in retail and online. If you know where to look and what type of speakers you need, huge savings can be found on very well made cheap car speakers. Car speakers have evolved in the past couple of decades. There isn’t even a need to purchase huge cheap car speakers to get big sound. Many of the smaller models of cheap car speakers can belt out professional audio quality. This is helpful to drivers with smaller vehicles, or music enthusiasts who are making the purchase of their third or fourth car speaker. Where to Shop for cheap car speakers When looking to purchase cheap car speakers, shop online. Due to there are so many different cheap car speakers to choose from, by shopping for cheap car speakers online the buyer has the advantage of seeing all of the options, and .paring prices, without having to visit multiple retail locations. Many times the sales people in large chain stores do not know the products well enough to help the customer make an informed decision. By shopping online for cheap car speakers the buyer has more control over the information they collect. By using Google and reading articles about the different sizes, materials and brands that cheap car speakers .e in, the buyer can determine what is right for their car. When shopping online for cheap car speakers, do not buy used. If someone is selling their cheap car speakers, there is a good chance that they are defective, or there is something the original owner does not like. It is best to assume that you will not like it either. It is also advisable to not buy cheap car speakers off of EBay. While the online auction site has great cost saving deals, it is unlikely that the buyer would have a warranty included with their cheap car speakers. Consider buying cheap car speakers from an authorized online retailer. A good choice is a .pany who knows their products very well, and can help the buyer sort through all of the cheap car speakers on the market. One authorized online retailer, Avenue Sound, has a reputation for their superior customer service, and fantastic deals on quality brand name cheap car speakers. Cheap Car Speakers: The Best in Brand Name Models The twenty year old .pany Avenue Sound, offers a broad range of cheap car speakers from 3 " to 6" x 9" models. They also carry: midbass drivers, tweeters, mount speakers, .ponent systems, navigation systems and center channel speakers. The cheap car speakers that Avenue Sound carry are the best brands, made by the most sought after manufacturers in the world including: JL Audio, Panasonic, Yamaha, Boss, Audiovox, Toshiba, Kenwood and JVC. Avenue Sound is trained by the manufacturers, and their cheap car speakers .e with a warranty. To view their extensive collection of brand name cheap car speakers visit avenuesound. 。

they’re just done. A lot of times

Software There are a number of superb free antivirus programs available from a spread of sources. When considering free antivirus software is sure it is as good as a paid program or look some place else, because free does not have to mean low quality or limited features as you’ll see from the following selections. You see, we deserve to be surprisingly grateful that we are born in this modern generation due to the existence of the internet. With the Net, each info ( whether about buy norton antivirus or any other like antivirus free software, .puter viruses, .puter anti viruses or even kelly rowland feat travis mccoy of gym class heroes can be discovered without difficulty on the internet, with great articles like this. Now that you know how your antivirus software works, we can more simply describe why it is a bad idea to have 2 antivirus packages on your system simultaneously. Remember earlier we chatted about the database of signatures that is held in your antivirus software. Well if you have another antivirus running on the machine, it will think your original antivirus software is a bad guy and try to eliminate it. Antivirus applications that scan for potential PC virus activity can be more helpful at spotting the latest threats than those reliant upon signature detection. It is important to note that because many applications perform the same activities as a pathogen – writing and changing system files as an example – a user can quickly be.e inundated by many and pointless alerts by antivirus applications that make use of this method for detection. RECESS — As is clear from the half this article, even if your direct quest is buy norton antivirus , reading to the end will prove useful, as this article in addition has helped those trying to find information regarding antivirus online, microsoft antispyware beta 1, c3 89cole secondaire publique de la salle, exchange server. Except for free versions of antivirus and security applications, there’s also the trial version of antivirus products. Trial versions are made so that users can appraise the products. Trial versions of antivirus products are way more updated than free versions of antivirus software. Updates should be done automatically, or permit you do to them by hand. Automatically is better so that you don’t have to don’t forget to do your antivirus updates, they’re just done. A lot of times, if software waits for a human to update it, the updates won’t get done for an extended period of time. Many individuals that searched for buy norton antivirus also searched online for free antivirus for xp, antiviruses, and even kaspersky anti virus 7 0 0 125,worm. Never download anything that guarantees simple removal of viruses from your system. This will only .plicate the matters further and call in for alteration steps. A good antivirus program will never proclaim its work, though free versions are always available for safe downloading at reputable sites. 。