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2016 Hongkong outstanding industrialist award results announced gamelink

2016 "Hongkong industrialist Award" announced the results of – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in November 2, the Hongkong Federation of industries on the evening of 2 held in Hongkong Exhibition Center "2016 Hongkong Young Industrialist Award" and "outstanding industrialist award ceremony. Bourne optics (Hongkong) Co., Ltd., founder and President of the "outstanding industrialist Award", the 8 young industry elite won the Hongkong Young Industrialist award". Liang Zhenying, chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, attended the ceremony as a guest of honor. He said that the industry has been an important industry in Hongkong’s economy, directly or indirectly driven economic growth. Hongkong’s "re industrialization" can lead the Hongkong economy to take off again, to promote the further development of finance, logistics and professional services and other industries, the significance of the future of Hongkong. Liang Zhenying stressed that "re industrialization" requires a combination of the two. The first is "the combination of government, production, learning and research", which is combined with the support of government policy, industry productivity, education and scientific research, innovation to construct a complete caike ecosystem; second combination is a combination of Hongkong and the mainland, the power of innovation. Hongkong is "one country" and "two systems" will, can play "super contacts" advantage, on one hand the introduction of overseas talent, technology and capital, on the other hand, with the mainland great and rapid productivity, promote the re industrialization of Hongkong "". Liang Zhenying said, I hope the industry, especially young industrialists, continue to actively promote industrial innovation. As long as the combination of the above two, I believe that the industry must have a way out of Hongkong, Hongkong’s re industrialization must be able to promote the transformation and upgrading of Hongkong’s economy. Hongkong broad industry keen market sense, good management and technology at home and abroad, and the industry enthusiasm and vision, there must be. Hongkong Federation of industry, said the Commission unanimously decided to issue outstanding industrialist award to Yang Jianwen. His work, start from scratch, through continuous investment in research and development and purchase of machinery and equipment, led by Bourne from the manufacture of watches, glass lenses, high-tech fields into the mobile phone glass panel. Bourne is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of glass panels, the production of more than half of the global mobile phone glass panel, its customers are well-known international brands. In addition, he is convinced that creativity can lead the era of change, and vigorously support the development of new technologies in Hongkong. A total of 8 young industry elite to obtain "Hongkong Young Industrialist Award", respectively: Deji Technology Holdings Limited CEO Cai Qunli; Eddie (Overseas) Co. Ltd. chairman Feng Junrong; history of Weisha Group Limited chairman and director Lin Hong; Wei Group International Holdings Limited and co-founder and executive chairman Lin Ercong; crystal group knitting clothing Department Senior Vice President Luo Zhenghao; Cheng Hing Industrial Co., Ltd. CEO Xu Yonglin; Department of Jin International (Holdings) Limited company chief operating officer Huang Mizhi; and Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited executive director and vice president Yang Pei?. Hongkong Industry Association chairman Zheng Wencong said that this year’s "Hongkong Young Industrialist Award" and "outstanding industrialist Award" winner through design, patent, innovative products and solutions for customers, the success of expanding business and promotion)相关的主题文章:

The Sixth China Canada economic and trade cooperation forum held in Montreal winlinez

The sixth session of the economic and trade cooperation forum held in Montreal – Beijing, China News Agency, Montreal, September 23 (reporter Xu Changan Guo Jinchao) by the International Trade Commission and China Council jointly organized the sixth session of Chinese Canada to promote economic and trade cooperation forum, held in Montreal in September 23rd when the time. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, who visited Montreal in the same day, and the Canadian Prime Minister, accompanied by Mr. Li Keqiang’s visit to Montreal, spoke at the forum luncheon, respectively. At the opening ceremony of the forum, China Council Chairman Jiang Zengwei said in his speech, the economic and trade cooperation is an important driving force in the development of bilateral relations. China’s economic development is adding new vitality and new impetus to Sino Canadian economic and trade cooperation. The complementarity of the two economies and the mutual benefits of bilateral cooperation have great potential. In order to deepen cooperation in the proposal, Jiang Zengwei processors, including: processing business to implement the Canadian investment protection agreement, on speeding up the signing of free trade agreements with the possibility to eliminate barriers to trade and investment, accelerate the development of cross-border electricity providers and other new formats, to relax the restrictions on the export of high-tech products. The implementation of "seize the China Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, "2025 Chinese manufacturing", "Internet plus" action plan and implementation of Canada’s Asia Pacific Gateway and corridor plan "the opportunity to dig the potential for cooperation in various fields, to intensify the implementation of a number of key projects to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises entrepreneurial innovation cooperation. Build economic and trade promotion platform to expand exchanges and cooperation opportunities. Use their comparative advantages to develop the third party market. The chairman of the board of trade with Peter? Klettgau at the opening ceremony said that Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s visit, continue to deepen bilateral relations and relations between the two countries, the warming up industry can make more achievements to promote bilateral economic and trade. Montreal city mayor Denis? – pointed out in his speech, and in bilateral relations is essential for the development of economy and trade, he strongly supported the FTA feasibility study to start with and support the governments of the two countries and the common problems facing the challenges, to open a new chapter of friendly cooperation. Montreal bank vice president Brian Tobin in Canada? Seminar said that although there are a lot of challenges, but he reached a free trade agreement is very confident in Canada and Chinese, and look forward to this Agreement as soon as possible. According to CCPIT, the day a total of more than and 500 companies from China and Canada more than 700 delegates attended the forum. In the afternoon, China CCPIT in Montreal and Canada held a forum for Chinese enterprises. (end)相关的主题文章:

Qianjiang Evening News we do not want to be Liu Lingli – View – pp点点通2006

Qianjiang Evening News: we do not want to be Liu Lingli – View – original title: we do not want to be Liu Lingli Lanzhou Jiaotong University post College executives must now regret in pride. Teacher Liu Lingli cancer, does not ask for much, but hope schools don’t expel themselves, even proposed as long as labor relations, they are willing to pay to pay health insurance the humble supplication, but was rejected. "You don’t have to cry in front of me!" Director of personnel domineering side leakage. The school argues that they are in the "do not know Liu’s cancer" in the case of the decision. They don’t know when the court ‘s ruling that the dismissal is invalid. When Liu mother crying cry to the school, they don’t know. When Liu stall when to raise money in the street, they don’t know. When Liu left the world in the circle of friends before the final sigh of life, they still do not know. It is only a matter of fermentation every day, until it becomes a hot spot in the network, the hubbub of the time, they suddenly know. From the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the "copycat organization" got a number of titles of dean Chen Ling, finally himself, hurriedly waving "reconciliation agreement", with 500 thousand reparations promised door to apologize, and claim that this is the chief of personnel fault, "has been suspended inspection, she just signed a word". If as long as say, things can erase this. Labor protection law has a clear provision, when workers due to illness in the treatment period, the enterprise shall not terminate the labor relations. This is a basic humanistic care, but also the basic rights of workers. But the right, at the Lanzhou Jiaotong University School of post here, even as a piece of paper. Life is the norm, each of us will meet. Because everyone has the possibility to make a teacher, Liu Lingli in despair when the sigh, let everyone feel regret, but for the Lanzhou Jiaotong University School of post practice, and make everyone feel cold and afraid. Although the Lanzhou Jiaotong University post College of independent college, educational investment by a Real Estate Company boss. However, the field of investment belongs to the public domain, the nature of the Institute itself is still a public educational institutions. A teaching for public education institutions responsibility, when employees are the most in need of care, take the illegal way, trying to put their public responsibilities should be cut off, this is completely contrary to the public institution, the court refused to implement the arrogant attitude, more is the highlight of the capital wayward. Modern society should be a society that stresses the rule of law, whether it is capital or power, should be run under social norms. Social norms should protect the legitimate rights and interests of every social subject, and every social subject should bear the corresponding social responsibility. In the face of these large institutions, so weak, so that the fear of incapable of action, they do not abide by the rules, because each person may be the victim, even the court ruling can be refused to carry out. They don’t care, but crowning calamity. That’s why we’re concerned about the Liu Lingli affair相关的主题文章:

Draconids 8 will visit the earth Chinese area visible (video)

Draconids 8 will visit the earth Chinese area visible comet exploration meteor rain data figure: draconids draconids to visit earth. Astronomy experts, 8, 14, draconids will usher in the "great", China’s interest in astronomy fancier can try in the 7 day or 8 day night observation. It is understood that draconids the parent comet named 21P, it is discovered by astronomers in 1900, running for a period of 6.61 years. The active period of the meteor shower is very short, only from October 6th to 10. Compared with other draconids meteor shower, the running speed is relatively slow, to observe and take pictures. Compared to other signs, draconids is more active. Usually the year, its flow in around 20 meteors per hour, until 1933 and 1946, it appeared two times a large outbreak, which in twentieth Century to become the most brilliant meteor, it also has become one of the most famous meteor procession. This year there is no outbreak of the meteor shower is expected, the maximum value appears at 8 on 14, when China’s day. For our observers can choose 7 days or 8 days of night observation." Astronomy education experts, Tianjin astronomical society director Zhao Zhiheng said, "when the moon is in want of perfection, and there will be interference before midnight moonlight, though the moon after midnight went down, but the radiant draconids also drop very low, the observation condition is not very good." Astronomy experts cautioned that the current distribution structure of human beings can not accurately calculate the meteor shower parent comet dust particles, which can forecast like solar and lunar eclipses that occur and the size of the meteor shower forecasting. The public should be psychologically prepared for this observation. (reporter Zhou Runjian)相关的主题文章: