Armored storm does not delete files to open the Super League million

"Armored storm" does not delete files open air network is recruiting millions of Super League competitive gaming space "armored storm", a limited number of test does not delete files today officially open hot. Hundreds of vehicles with the game, black & mysterious modern war A new force suddenly rises. triggered at any moment. This test, as long as the game player can be activated before account Mianjiaoguo landing directly download the beta version of the client more game player can directly use the beta version of the update directly. Test officially opened on October 14th 14:00-10 26 24:00, the server is open all day. At the same time, "armored storm" Challenge Cup Super League is also officially opened today, millions of dollars to reward the armor of the modern king of the storm. You are the champion of Super League million reward for "armored" storm storm Challenge Cup occupation, the air network is to build a new "military gaming" ecological space linkage "armored storm" to create competitive games in the top league occupation. The team is composed of well-known FPS TPS clan, and "armored storm" official recruit top game player team, more than 16 strong teams after several rounds of fighting, winner. The winner will receive a bonus of up to 1 million of the total value. Today "armored storm" does not delete files open, the official opening of foreign players recruited, and will officially start in the beta. Welcome to the grassroots game player are encouraged to register, whether or not you are a senior game player, whether or not you are a big coffee in gaming, "armored storm", all are on the new game player on the same starting line, as long as you love the game, love the military, the champion for you to stay. "Armored storm storm" Challenge Cup tournament occupation million reward for seed team JZBA tournament seed team NEW4 does not delete files today heavy open hundreds of vehicles "armored storm" dash about in a battlefield test does not delete files today finally officially opened, has repeatedly delete files test, in the end who game player can start the modern space linkage war journey. This test does not delete files, the 7 upgrade, the picture map optimization, optimization, helicopter positioning optimization, the new painting, the combat capability evaluation system, the most important is that the game available vehicle finally broke through the 80 mark, the total number reached nearly 100. This is nearly a hundred vehicles, in the span since 50s, type from the tank to the helicopter, including silver, gold species experience, assembly, it is already quite a scale. Do not delete the file new carrier meter -24A does not delete files of new vehicles PAH-1 D do not delete the file tree than the first test vehicle has doubled the number of tanks ahead of its debut China forces are the sword does not delete another major update version, is the legendary tank finally opened its mysterious veil. As you can see, the debut in the vehicle are the main battle tank, from 59 to 69, 96A’s latest, is a course on behalf of the Chinese vehicle development. Whether it is in today’s world, or in the "armored storm" on the battlefield, Chinese armor is a powerful force that can not be ignored, let us look forward to their performance in the beta active. Do not delete the file from the part of the Department of science and technology does not delete files of six major activities to prepare for the open beta.相关的主题文章: