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Are you the man you love most? Cancer high-risk reliable cancer prevention advice – Sohu health in China, cancer has become the first cause of death and disease, the morbidity and mortality is still rising, caused a great threat to public health. According to statistics, China last year, about 2800000 people died of cancer, an average of 7500 people a day. Among them, lung cancer is the highest incidence of cancer, cancer is the first cause of death. Gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and liver cancer are the most common tumors with high morbidity and mortality. Who is the cause of cancer, the incidence of cancer is different, but with bad lifestyle has a direct or indirect relationship. With the development of medicine, scientists have found that "malignant tumors can be controlled", and the WHO has also listed the malignant tumors as chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Tobacco exposure, alcohol abuse, overeating and other bad habits are pathogenic risk factors. It has been proved that the incidence of lung cancer is significantly higher than that in non-smoking environment. The best way to control cancer prevention is always the number one cancer lung cancer: how to prevent? You are not at high risk of lung cancer in smokers? The age above 40 years old, especially the male smoking for 400 years or more than 20 cigarettes daily if accompanied by sputum blood, irritating cough, chest pain or pulmonary symptoms and signs of chronic recurrent infections, especially in the same part of the recurrent pneumonia have immediate family history of tumor. There are more cases, it is recommended every year or every three years to the hospital to do a chest X-ray or chest low-dose CT examination, the amount of radiation within the safe range, to check whether there is lung cancer. A large number of studies have shown that smoking is closely related to the occurrence of lung cancer in patients with lung cancer deaths, 87% because of smoking, including passive smoking. Therefore, smoking is the most direct method to prevent lung cancer! Since June 1, 2015 formally implemented, known as the history of the most stringent "Smoking Control Ordinance" clearly stipulates in public places and workplaces and indoor areas of public transport in the comprehensive "ban", also prohibit smoking kindergartens, schools, stadiums, outdoor area. No. two: how to prevent gastric cancer? You are not the high risk population of gastric cancer? The first-degree relatives (parents, children, brothers and sisters) in esophageal cancer or gastric cancer patients, long-term repeated acid reflux or heartburn symptoms in patients with chronic atrophic gastritis and a history of chronic gastric ulcer and gastric polyps have a history of 6 partial resection of the stomach and gastrointestinal metaplasia. If your age is 40~69 years old, and in line with any of the above, it belongs to the high risk of gastric cancer or esophageal cancer, it is recommended to do 1 times every 1~5 gastroscopy. The prevention of gastric cancer, you can now start from life: do not eat or eat smoked bacon and fried foods: fish and contains a large number of carcinogenic substances, such as 3-4 benzopyrene and aromatic ring. Frying, baking, cooking oil and high temperature burning food reused also contain carcinogenic substances such as.相关的主题文章: