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Apple, you actually out of such a iPhone iPhone this eye to see in September, and then more than half a month is the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival and then more than half a month is the national day, think it is pretty happy. But how can such a small thing arouse people’s passion. Really can be regarded as a major event in September, it should be Apple’s new fall conference. At this time of the year for fruit powder all over the world, but also than the new year happy, for them, a two hour conference, is a lively Spring Festival, Spring Festival is the quality of it is, as the session, estimated to have many people after watching it will stretch the neck is you call one of the worst one I’ve ever seen. However, no matter what you think of the fall of this year, Apple’s new conference or so to come, in August 30th, apple sent out invitations to the media, announced that the conference will be held in September 7th, and this invitation a no nonsense, unlike last year, and what a Hey Siri what, but it is the pattern printed well, well, well, like walking up healing in Kazakhstan, trypophobia. Although only a small invitation, but apple every year to look hard, though may be bland, but actually can reveal a lot about the new information, it is to put a pair of people’s shame Oh, look, this feeling in reality is a girl want to say to you I love you and feel shy to say, but the face rub up. This year’s invitation, the media are the collective embodiment of Conan, on the hid in a pile in the circle of mystery. First of all, this is a circle, we can see is false, is estimated that Cook day and night of overwork, need Huiren Shenbao tablet brand, he is good, I’m good, oh, I this is what they’re thinking. In fact, apple wants to say is, we this generation of iPhone can be no less on the camera work, this picture, virtual effect that is the lever, which if used Apple mobile phone, who want to empty, who is false. However, in this little circle, also there are two do not listen, see them, simply bright hot eyes, to see that Huiren Shenbao did not eat. So basically do not want to know, this is definitely the apple Biechu’s ultimate, dual camera. Although the two cameras had been friends who played, but it is estimated, Cook at the press conference will be very proud to say "this is a dual camera design first appeared on iOS devices only according to the existing news exposure, dual camera will appear in the 5.5 inch version…. In addition, this is a small circle, the color appears to be a mystery, although it is brightly coloured, but so few treatment obviously is not the same, is estimated to have absorbed the essence of Shenbao tablets, only drugs did not stop. It is said that red, blue and purple will be the new colors in the iphone7 series. There is also news show before, said a new generation of iPhone will increase the navy blue color. In addition, there is news that in)相关的主题文章: