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Apple spokesman: delay wireless headset AirPods sale, pending time Sohu digital news (TechCrunch) according to foreign media reports, apple unveiled a wireless headset products AirPods in the press conference on September, and is expected to market at the end of October. But now the deadline has been, Apple has to postpone the listing time of this product, saying it takes a little time to prepare for improvement. "The market’s reaction to AirPods is incredible. But we can not be ready to sell the product. Consumers just need to wait a little longer." Apple spokesman told TechCrunch. In addition, apple did not explain the specific reasons for the delay in the sale, also did not give a specific date of sale. In the previous experience, most of the experience of AirPods satisfied, but there are a few problems exposed on the hardware and software. Because the experience is not the end of the product, so we are looking forward to the final official appearance AirPods. (foreign experience pointed out that the AirPods on the seam defects) Apple Corp should also see some problems in the new product engineering, and in time to improve. AirPods is Apple launched a new headset, with dozens of technological innovation, the use of wireless chips is also a special custom. It is not easy to carry so many precision parts and technologies in such a small space, so that the difficulty of the process is one of the reasons for the delay. At the press conference, apple AirPod will be placed in the center of its wireless product strategy, despite the delay, its strategic significance is still significant.相关的主题文章: