Apple mobile phone can replace the problem but the replacement requirements are very demanding (vide-alienware m17x

Apple mobile phone can replace the battery replacement but quite demanding since October this year, there are many iPhone users complain about their mobile phone frequent accidents off phenomenon, usually automatically shut down when the power is often enough. Just the day before yesterday, Apple Corp official on the " iPhone6s automatically shut down " the matter issued a statement, announced that: in line with the relevant requirements of the Apple phone can be free to replace the battery. So what are the requirements to meet the problem in order to replace the phone? Today (November 22nd), take a look at the news Knews reporter came to Apple’s official store to understand the situation. Loading… "" "related news: Apple’s consumer only for 6S battery dissatisfaction with other models have also an unexpected shutdown of Apple mobile phone abnormal shutdown to replace the battery before replacement depot detection at the news reporter Knews is Apple’s mobile phone users within the warranty period, the hands of a iPhone6 a iPhone6s. In October of this year, the emergence of the phenomenon, and more than 30% electric automatic shutdown under the condition of two mobile phone from time to time at noon today, look at the news Knews reporter specially arrived at Nanjing Road on the official Apple store, at this time, there have been many users to come to consult the mobile phone automatically shut down the problem scene. Look at the news reporter Knews to show a staff of two units are the automatic shutdown of the mobile phone, the staff said: according to the process, reporters need to make an appointment in advance in the Apple Corp website, then detect the on-site technical staff in the store. Under normal circumstances, such a test maintenance time of at least 1 days. Then the staff told reporters at the news Knews, a similar situation has a lot of users come to reflect, and yesterday, the Apple Corp’s official website released for " iPhone6s automatic shutdown; " solution. According to the production date of the equipment as well as the actual situation of the system, the engineer will be able to see whether to replace the battery, the production date is from September 2015 to October. The free to change the problem with the battery, apple is not only the production time of the phone has strict requirements, the phone model is also limited. Take a look at the news Knews reporter on the official website of Apple Corp to see, at present, Apple Corp only for the production date between September 2015 to October Apple 6S phone for free battery replacement services. Can be a reporter in the hands of a 6S has been more than 1 years of warranty period, which is also the same situation can be replaced free of charge? The other said: many automatic shutdown of the phone are not free to replace the battery range, if the phone is beyond the warranty period, it can only be 588 yuan at their own expense to replace the battery. Look at the Knews news reporter learned that the bank and the Hong Kong version of this country iphone6s belong to support a free replacement battery category, which also includes custom machine operators and iphone6s buy dealership premises. During the interview, the reporter asked the staff to look at the news of Knews times, why other apple models except iPhone6s models outside the self)相关的主题文章: