Anhui introduced the new deal to encourage housing rental fund can be extracted to pay rent-sweets parade

Anhui introduced the new deal to encourage housing rental fund can be extracted to pay rent original title: provident fund can be extracted to pay rent in the property market to inventory, the purchase and rent simultaneously is regarded as an important measure. November 3rd, Anhui issued the Anhui Provincial People’s Government Office on accelerating the development and development of the housing rental market notice for the rental market has sent many favorable policies. Among them, it is clear that workers will be able to extract the provident fund to pay rent. Provident fund to pay rent what conditions? "Notice" that play role of workers housing provident fund to support rental housing, the continuous full housing provident fund deposit over 3 months, and the spouse in the city no deposit owned housing and rental housing, according to the provisions from couples housing provident fund for the payment of rent. At the same time, Anhui will accelerate the development of preferential policies and measures to support housing rental consumption, and guide urban residents to solve the housing problem by renting. Support for public rental housing through the market to protect the object, the government to meet the conditions of the family rental subsidies. We will improve the system of housing rental subsidies, reasonably determine the standard of rental subsidies, and establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism with the change of market rent. In addition, the "notice" also said that local conditions can be set up housing rental operators use the government investment platform, the acquisition or long-term lease stock commercial housing lease, priority to meet new people, migrant workers and new employment of college students and other groups of housing demand. Housing rental contracts need to be registered for the housing rental market order disorder, the two sides often lease disputes, not only criticized, but also restricts the development of the industry. In this regard, the notice to strengthen the regulatory requirements of the market, the lease contract registration system will be implemented in the province. Notice requirement to improve the effectiveness of the record, to facilitate the parties to the lease, while playing the role of grassroots organizations such as streets, villages and towns, the implementation of the housing lease grid management. Anhui will also promote the construction of rental housing information services and regulatory platform, the implementation of the housing lease contract model text and contract online contract. Public security departments will strengthen the rental housing security management and housing rental housing registration, supervision and guidance of the residents committee, the village committee, property services companies and other management units to investigate security risks. Intermediary information will be published online how to identify the authenticity of the agency and its credit situation? In the future, tenants do not have to worry about this, because the agency will publish relevant information on the internet. In accordance with the requirements of Anhui Province real estate, communications, industrial and commercial administrative departments will establish a linkage mechanism, regular exchange of intermediary business registration and filing information and publicity on the government website and other media agency filing, not filing a list to remind people to prevent the transaction risk, careful selection of intermediary institutions. City and county real estate departments should establish and improve the system of financial supervision of the housing stock transactions, has not yet been established to the introduction of regulatory measures in December 31, 2016, a clear regulatory system and implementing. In the field of credit management, real estate departments will be the same price, communications, finance, taxation, industrial and commercial administration departments to accelerate the construction of real estate intermediary industry sensitive相关的主题文章: