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And back injury! Knight billion yuan Mr. glass only strong Auden embid his husband injured half-way out of sina sports news Beijing February 6, 2016 NBA game like a raging fire, Cleveland sits fast loan center in the eastern Cenozoic Celtic challenge, before the three day James led the Knights firmly in control of the game, with Loew [micro-blog] suddenly the game takes place 360 degree turning back injury, young Lvshan army under the leadership of Thomas set off a counterattack climax, with Bradley three pointer to 104:103 in the head of James snatched victory, so embarrassing Knight losing streak to two games. The game to the third quarter, Loew accidentally left thigh contusion halfway through, this change completely disrupted the rhythm and made Knight overall defense team rotation stretched. Especially since the tyronn Lue since taking over the knight has to play the ball team, Loew became the team of internal and external connection link and the axis. Turn around 45 degrees waist or stand top of the overall plan, the Loew organization talent unfolds, the team also ushered in a wave of five wins. Although the play Hanfu wasp, but the knight change has let the fans see hope, as long as you keep healthy composed by James, Loew and Erwin three big enough to deter the alliance. Unfortunately the tragedy happened, Lebron and the Knights of the misfortune has not dissipated with the departure of Blatter, Owen Leff once again usher in a healthy and just fall. In fact, throughout the whole occupation career if he’s like there are glass. In the past seven seasons, Loew has missed 135 regular season games, as one of his seven feet long absence rate is better than only just by Auden the great in Jiangsu dismissed 76 people and Nebid. But the playoffs last season is facing the military Lvshan when my arm to the season, unfortunately fell on the knight warrior feet, the game face small green giant not to his revenge again went down. The game face, Lin Jie and Zele, Loew played 22 minutes 10 shots hit only 4 balls, 10 points and 5 rebounds and 2 assists is difficult to define with giant. And look at the knight salary list, but Loew knight with the first cornerstone of building hundreds of millions of heavily so frail and sick, like Lebron and Daiyu, Knight of the dream and hope? (Shui Qingqing)

又伤退!骑士亿元先生成玻璃人 仅强奥登恩比德 勒夫受伤中途退场   新浪体育讯  北京2016年2月6日NBA比赛如火如荼,克里夫兰骑士坐阵速贷中心球馆迎来东部新生代凯尔特人挑战,前三节詹姆斯带领的骑士军团牢牢掌控着比赛走势,可随着勒夫[微博]突然伤退比赛发生360度转折,年轻的绿衫军在托马斯带领下掀起反攻高潮,最终凭借布拉德利三分绝杀以104:103在詹姆斯头顶抢走胜利,令骑士尴尬的吞下两连败。   比赛行至第三节时段,勒夫不慎左大腿挫伤中途离场,这一变化彻底打乱骑士整体攻防节奏同时也令球队轮换阵容捉襟见肘。尤其自泰伦卢接任以来,骑士已经改打小球阵容,勒夫成为这支球队内外连接纽带和中轴。背身45度腰位或站立弧顶统筹全局,勒夫的组织才华渐渐展露,球队也迎来一波五连胜。   虽然上场比赛憾负黄蜂,但骑士的变化已经让球迷看到希望,只要保持健康以詹姆斯、勒夫和欧文组成的三巨头足以震慑联盟。不幸的是悲剧还是发生,勒布朗与骑士的霉运还没有随着布拉特的离去而消散,刚刚迎来健康欧文勒夫再度倒下。   事实上纵观勒夫整个职业生涯他若玻璃人一样存在。过去七个赛季,勒夫已经缺席135场常规赛,作为七尺长人他的缺勤率仅好过刚刚被江苏辞退的奥登大帝以及76人恩比德。而上赛季季后赛正是面对绿衫军时胳膊扭伤令其赛季报销,骑士遗憾倒在勇士足下,本场比赛面对小绿巨人还未待他雪耻则再次受伤倒下。   本场比赛面对萨林杰和泽勒等,勒夫出战22分钟10次出手仅命中4球,10分5篮板2助攻很难用巨头来定义。而翻看骑士薪金榜,勒夫可是骑士用亿万重金塑造的第一基石,如此孱弱多病貌似黛玉,勒布朗与骑士的冠军梦还有希望吗?   (水清清)相关的主题文章: