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Amazon to expand retail business will open 100 stores in the Amazon store in the United States will open 100 stores in the store phoenix technology news Beijing on September 11th news in the United States, according to foreign media reports, quoted informed sources said that Amazon is actively expanding its retail business, plans to build more than and 100 stores in the store in the shopping mall, but the future of this large retail network will focus on consumer electronics equipment.   informed sources said that Amazon’s new store shop is different from these, the company in the existing store in Seattle, new retail stores will no longer pay attention to books, instead of the consumer electronics Amazon gradually increased. These products include Amazon Kindle and Fire product line, and the Fire TV set-top box, Dash button, Echo intelligent audio and Tap Bluetooth stereo. Amazon has launched 21 similar stores in the United States in the 12 stores. In the Amazon launched a new web site, describes the address of each store in the store, the sale of product details, display, and expert advice and other content. Of course, these retail stores there is another purpose: to promote the sale of each of the Amazon hardware products. Through the establishment of stores in the store, Amazon’s hardware products and Prime services, naturally more than a sales channel. Amazon’s series of job recruitment information display, after the establishment of a number of shop in the store is just the test phase, the current test phase of the work has come to an end. Job recruitment information shows that Amazon will continue to expand the store shop mode operation, the end of this year is expected to break through 30 stores, to the next year, Amazon’s store shop retail stores will increase to 100. It is reported that Amazon has begun to Miami, Florida, Hiatt Forde and Connecticut and other places in the store shop staff recruitment. Amazon said in a statement, "we launched the" shop ", so that customers can try all of our new products, and we understand the service such as Prime, Amazon and understand the original drama and other unique content."       held in May this year, Amazon shareholders meeting, CEO Geoff · Bezos (Jeff Bezos) said, Amazon’s retail business will have a more aggressive expansion strategy, in part because of self education under the environment of the line sales strategy is more effective. "We are sure to open more stores, but it is not clear how much." He said, early will be mainly for customers to understand the product, rather than to bring huge revenue." (compile if water)相关的主题文章: