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Air conditioning blowing up the infertility – Sohu maternal and child weather is hot and dry, many people can not adapt to the outside of the strong sunlight. So, they choose to stay indoors, exposing his arms thigh, blowing air conditioning, eating a cold drink. Many women do not know, although these methods solve the hot outside. But hiding in the indoor air conditioning is also harmful to the health of women, often blowing air conditioning may lead to female infertility. The uterus is one of the most important reproductive organs, is the cradle of the baby’s initial growth. A woman’s uterus is very cold, so we often say that the cold palace, when the cold is not to say that the temperature is low, but the function of the uterus is in a state of relatively low. Summer Palace is the highest frequency of cold palace, a little do not pay attention to, palace cold may appear, it will lead to a series of complications, such as gynecological diseases, female infertility, etc.. Female friends to pay special attention to the summer, do not take it lightly, moderate heat preservation is very important. Long enjoy air conditioning "bath", a female friend is very vulnerable to air conditioning disease, often cold hands and feet, every weakness, loss of appetite, abdominal pain also can hardly be avoided. Female friends really cool, cool, from the heat of the troubled, but they can’t bear the uterus, it does not love this kind of "cool", resulting in a cold house phenomenon, make the function of the uterus is greatly reduced. If you want to be a mother at this time, you may also have a certain impact. If pregnant women, do not drink cold water and drinks, etc., but to drink hot water, and even regular warm water also try not to drink. In addition, beautiful face will appear due to dysmenorrhea have some adverse changes, appear the mirror’s nasty spots. Not only that, life is not the past passion, is always casual, no mood to get throught a thing carelessly. It can be seen from the above, women blowing air conditioning may be more likely to lead to infertility this argument has its reason. The uterus of the female is pregnant baby a cradle, and the female female palace very cold, easily stimulated, a state of blowing air may make a woman’s uterus function in the low, so it is difficult to conceive.相关的主题文章: