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AIDS patients are accurate fraud, privacy why leaked things are not over." According to the worker’s Daily reported that AIDS frequently fraud occurred after more than three months, the largest HIV infection of birch community Birch Forest Alliance founder, still can receive "aiyoucoal" call inquiries and complaints telephone, said the swindlers accurately find their. According to birch disclosure, the country’s 30 provinces so far received a total of more than 330 cases infected by "accurate" feedback fraud case. "Liar didn’t," Hua said, money can be recovered in the second, loss of privacy, but also let them how to live?" The event in August this year, Xu Yuyu cheated death, the rampant telecommunications fraud into the public view, before Xu Yuyu’s death that "we are all so, why would anyone deceive me!" Still shaking people’s hearts. With the case of Xu Yuyu as a symbol of social events forced effects appear in six departments jointly for the whole chain of governance, "the fraud dens of local government in order to carry out the thunder governance, plus about fraud news half-life has passed, now, the public telecommunications fraud sensitivity was also decreased. But hundreds of people infected with HIV are precisely fraud, apparently can not be resolved from the public view. This is the earliest discovered, in late July, Xu Yuyu case earlier than. Those who cheated experienced by patients with similar tricks with Xu Yuyu is to borrow the name of a government department to grant subsidies; they also bear the blow, as Xu Yuyu, cheated for them means not only the loss of property, it is the fear, shame master liar, all out of anger after. They are in misfortune, telecommunications fraud and its life to hit bottom. Stripped like privacy, at about AI became ubiquitous AIDS discrimination of the moment, they are almost fatal blow. "That’s all. Why are you lying to me?"!" , but also the heart of the lost. This group of victims, the parties must take practical action to protect them, let them now also continue to fraud, harassment is the bottom line, as soon as possible to find out the source of information leakage and blocked the hole, and to improve the fragmentation distribution of HIV patients information protection mechanism, is the account of the most important groups, but also repair the trust only — to see the implementation of the real name system, the detection of AIDS in many places, are committed to "information security", but the AIDS patient’s name, telephone, ID number and other sensitive information exposed, many patients trust enough to collapse, but also allow some high-risk people refuse to test treatment, which may cause risks to expand radiation surface. In this event, from several provinces of HIV patients almost at the same period of intensive cheated, also exactly the same way, that is to get the liar with big data, access to the library in the provinces only provinces in the background, it has a very strong directivity. It is understood that the National AIDS related information system is listed as the national key network information security protection object, according to the information security level of protection and management of three levels, the more stringent access control. The question is: is this an internal leak, hacking, or something else? China CDC has already reported that the parties can give the answer in time, whether it is the department.相关的主题文章: