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Ai Fukuhara licensing! Take you to review how little love after N people find true love concern public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! The article from the WeChat public number: female occupation title of the original article: Ai Fukuhara licensing, this bowl of dog food and I did the biggest news today is not P sister can’t afford to get married but iPhone7 released everyone’s favorite porcelain doll Ai Fukuhara! Ai Fukuhara married Ai Fukuhara object, is the Taiwan table tennis circles small meat Jiang Hongjie in Rio Olympic Games after the end of the two will meet in Tokyo, spent a rare off-season two people are common to the Tokyo government to submit marriage application Ai Fukuhara Jiang honji photo from Zhang Yining’s "devil", "devil" Li Xiaoxia and Ding Ning "big devil is China devil who have cried Ai Fukuhara finally got his prince but finally got Chinese daughter-in-law ah Zhang Yining but Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie put forward the" marriage "mean marriage application is no formal licensing but the closeness of two people like P sister feel not far. Happy Ai Fukuhara Zhang Yining photo Ai Fukuhara and her love Chinese belonging to high popularity in Japan has been very popular with fans about the first love is the childhood sweetheart Oya Youngjun from primary school to high school has played table tennis finally lost to Oya Youngjun second coach control and University long-distance relationship is on Wang Liqin’s childhood sweetheart Dan Xiangsi, 16 year old Ai Fukuhara appeared as Wang Liqin in the Athens Olympic Games after refueling little love, just answer a reporter: "I love him!" The results of speculation in the media as the "Ai Fukuhara Wang Liqin peach" little love for this rumor is also very helpless after Wang Liqin’s affair with Suzuki Keiji is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Ai Fukuhara and Athens Olympic Games men’s 100 kg class champion Suzuki Keiji as the standard bearer of the Judo official appointed Jintongyunv was found to watch the game together but after the end of the Beijing Olympics have below is the famous Suzuki Keiji fourth and the male version of "Li Na" Kei Jiedi two party family is a family friend, little love or sister but outside said nishikori two love will ruin the occupation career of Ai Fukuhara even had this relationship is facing the media lens "shazai" male version of "Li Na" small love knot now nishikori A star marriage object Jiang Hongjie is the Taiwan table tennis circles also won the World Youth Championships in the men’s Doubles Championship is the highest ranked 47 in the world in the men’s doubles beaten Zhang Jike in the man Jiang Hongjie height 1 meters 78 it is said that because the handsome Kevin Tsai also invited him into the army in the Taiwan area, although the entertainment is not popular but table tennis sports hold a love for table tennis, coupled with its character is not like publicity he finally refused)相关的主题文章: