Agent, with Zizhe will be landing in South Korea’s nouveau riche hollowed out (video)

Agent, with Zizhe will be landing in South Korea’s nouveau riche hollowed out [information] agent, with Zizhe will be landing in South Korea’s Tencent a nouveau riche sports in October 25th in addition to Jin Jixi about to switch Hengda, South Korea new guard will join right to source the right to health news, South Korean foreign aid transfer operation of the team over Zhou Kaixuan in the famous agent social platform exposed material, is played in the Bundesliga team Augsburg Korean national team midfielder with Zizhe is likely next season in the Super League football landing. But Zhou Kaixuan did not disclose, who is the owner of the Super League team. South Korea’s midfielder in landing the right to health manager Shu Yuhui revealed himself, right Jingyuan joined the right to health has been basically finalized, the Al Ahli defender, although not in the South Korean national team popular, but in the AFC Champions League stadium has excellent performance, also selected the best AFC Champions League lineup, last season’s final against AFC Champions League Hengda performance that is even more impressive. In addition to the right Jingyuan, Shenhua Jin Jixi came to South Korea International Hengda, instead of serious injuries healed fellow jinyingquan, although Shenhua immediately rumor, but this message is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. Once Zhang Xianxiu joined the famous operation decimating agent Zhou Kaixuan, several days ago in the social platform that there will be a number of South Korea international class players landed in Super League, "4-5 South Korea international level 2017 Super League season will be declared official foreign aid, will certainly be detonated the eye! Regardless of strength, level and reputation, all are absolutely top! Just see who the first official declared." With Zizhe broker social media screenshot today, Zhou Kaixuan on the social networking platform exposed, one of them is Tai Chi now midfielder with Zizhe, "brother to bid farewell to some years of Bundesliga career, played back to! To challenge the record of 8 goals in the Bundesliga to! Ha ha!" But Zhou Kai released a photo with Zizhe and Sun Xingmin, apparently coming in is not currently at Tottenham but Sun Xingmin, currently playing in the Bundesliga Augsburg with zizhe. With Zizhe is active in South Korea players representatives in the Bundesliga, can play back waist, waist and winger multiple positions, is currently South Korea national team midfielder. But with Zizhe’s former Augsburg teammate is already in the flood, this year’s summer window joined Jiangsu Suning, but Zhou Kai did not suggest that the home with zizhe. The season is not over, in Korean again struck, in addition to the sun in the limelight Xingmin, super nouveau riche has no dig to Korean players. (totem)相关的主题文章: