Agencies after the festival once peatlands or have greater rebound in the market – Sohu securities-haywire

Organization: after the festival once heavy volume or have greater rebound market – Sohu securities [summary] today, the two cities opened high concussion, early trading intraday diving slightly, but the afternoon concussion rebounded, and then a strong red. Since then, the market fell back, again slightly diving, afternoon shock rebound. On the disk, the blue chip differentiation, banking, coal and other strong, securities and other launched down. In addition, the plate generated differentiation, ups and downs, basically consistent with the general trend of the market before the holiday. [strategy] today, the stock index opened high concussion, after the continuous rise, the distance from the bottom point has been over 100 points, short-term rebound momentum is good. On the news, the foreign exchange administration issued new regulations yesterday, simplifying the approval process of qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII), and relaxing the access limit. On the one hand, the central bank’s continued release of liquidity, on the other hand is the frequent involvement of foreign capital, the two cities at the bottom of the stage is expected to continue to consolidate; technically, the recent stock index continuous shocks, has successfully stood on the 10 day moving average, basically get rid of the early fall downward trend. In addition, after yesterday’s heavy volume uplink, short-term transaction is expected to gradually active. In general, Jufeng investment adviser Guo Yiming believes that before the relatively loose liquidity, the market in the short-term upward across the board, is expected to usher in a rebound shock, but with the gradual release of the volume, more money is expected to come in a throng. Before the festival, the overall shareholding mainly, once the festival volume, or have greater rebound market. [operations concern] specific operations, it is recommended to continue the layout of the central line bargain, focus or focus on the valuation of blue chips, especially part of the broken net and the issuance of additional stocks; and short term, to stabilize the market, continue to track the market hot topic stocks. [position configuration] 40% in the long line, based on blue chips, 20% small cap stocks.

机构:节后一旦放量 或有更大反弹行情-搜狐证券   【今日小结】   全天看,两市高开震荡,早盘盘中一度小幅跳水,但午后震荡回升,并于随后强势翻红。此后,大盘冲高回落,再次小幅跳水,午后震荡回升。盘面上,蓝筹股产生分化,银行、煤炭等较强,证券等则展开回落。此外,板块中产生分化,涨跌不一,基本符合节前一般市场走势规律。   【明日策略】   今日,股指高开震荡,在连续回升后距离底点已经上行超百点,短期反弹势头良好。消息上,外汇局昨日出台新规,简化合格境外机构投资者(QFII)审批程序,大举放宽准入额度。一方面是央行的持续释放流动性,另一方面是外资的频繁介入,两市阶段性底部有望继续夯实;技术上,近期股指连续震荡后,已经成功站上10日均线,基本摆脱前期下跌下跌趋势。此外,昨日放量上行后,短期成交也有望逐步活跃。总体上,巨丰投顾郭一鸣认为,节前流动性相对宽松,市场在全线上行后,短期有望迎来震荡式反弹,而随着量能的逐步释放,更多的资金有望纷至沓来。节前总体持股为主,节后一旦放量,或有更大反弹行情。   【操作关注】   具体操作上,建议中线逢低继续布局,重点还是关注估值优势的蓝筹股,尤其是部分破净以及破增发个股;而短线上,待市场企稳,继续跟踪市场热门题材股。   【仓位配置】   40%中长线,以蓝筹股为主,20%小盘题材股。相关的主题文章: