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After the hanging large skylight, 150 thousand to buy the SUV – car Sohu don’t regret recently a lot of friends asked what to buy SUV 15 universal joint venture, in fact 150 thousand joint venture can only buy a small SUV, compact joint venture SUV even can buy, the most is the beggar version, such as Mazda CX-4, modern ix35, Peugeot 3008, Renault thunder Scarlett, KIA and KX5, the configuration is very low. All or from small SUV pick, Honda and XR-V, modern ix25 bin Zhi, Buick Ang Cora, Citroen, KX3, KIA C3-XR and Skoda Yeti. If you want to pursue personality small SUV space, the Skoda Yeti? Yeti went public in 2015, changed the name, changed the configuration name, changed the local appearance, all with a skylight, and therefore reduces the utility and even the security configuration, the price is a lot cheaper, officer down 2-3 million dollars. Although the owners of Yeti flat with the Honda reputation bin Chi, power, space, comfort, price are among the best, but the sales are still very small, 2016 September sales of 2435 vehicles, the average monthly sales of 2 units. Why officials down 30 thousand, there are still market concessions of, Yeti is still too cold to sell it? Yeti in the country has always stressed its off-road nature, but in the European market is a cross-border travel vehicles, off-road ability almost No. Yeti body size is 4275*1793*1682mm, wheelbase 2638mm, size is not large, it is Honda Chi bin almost, but the actual space over XR-V. The second half of the box shape, like a van, the rear seats can scale down, can be removed, can cross your legs, high ceilings, head space is very spacious. People who buy this car must be able to accept the appearance of Yeti. Ugly appearance is the biggest reason for poor sales Yeti. Compared to the Tiguan, maverick lines and other mainstream Yeti, many people said that ugly box. The family straight waterfall grille design, pentagonal headlamps, the whole system with adjustable height, steering auxiliary lights, front fog lights and daytime running lights, but only the top. The side view, floating roof is not beauty, a 17 inch wheels with low enough. Many people love wing Bo and Yeti is in the external spare wheel, Yeti entry is not a small bag regret. In addition to appearance, and then is a configuration. Yeti has been Tucao simple, otherwise the factory price 30 thousand does not make money? Very intuitive, that is, low with two airbags, electric seats are gone, with low tire pressure monitoring and reversing radar did not, and the sound of the 4, accessories can be made all the domestic. In fact, comfort configuration does not matter, but the reduction of balloon radar these security configuration, the most insignificant. Visible configuration, there are invisible material, sound insulation materials, etc.. But the whole system comes standard with the engine by EA111 Daquan sunroof, upgraded with EA211, and multi link independent rear suspension. The interior is very simple, popular family taste, the feeling is not satisfactory, especially cheap chain. This price, and so on, can not ask for a high car相关的主题文章: