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After the peak sales, mobile phone manufacturers go from here? Sohu, science and technology as in previous years, in September once again become the mobile phone manufacturers launches "golden month", although the IDC just lowered the 2016 global smart mobile phone shipments expected, mobile phone manufacturers have issued new sales enthusiasm does not seem to weaken. Compared with AI, VR and other emerging technologies, smart phones, the first year has passed five or six years, but also experienced a round of reshuffle. According to the published sainuo days before "2016 Chinese intelligent mobile phone Top20 brand sales report" for half a year, HUAWEI, OPPO, Apple has become the top three markets. Five years ago the list has been compared to is a new scene, even two years ago the control sales report, also has not mentioned in the same breath. The list of changes behind the domestic mobile phone intriguing "rotating effect" is an interesting phenomenon, in the domestic mobile phone market sales list, in addition to HUAWEI has remained "strong", from the earliest to rely on operators channels ZTE, cool to rise with the Internet mode of upper millet, to being viewed as to catch up with the air channel is OPPO, turns the stage. Except for the original flourish lament over the actual action, these mobile phone brand in sales after the summit, it is worth pondering. Starting from the earliest Chinese cool Union, thanks to the operator’s strong terminal subsidy policy, ZTE, HUAWEI, cool, Lenovo and other fortunate to become the first batch of the domestic mobile phone market to eat crab". Although the sales were far less than the world’s Samsung, apple, HTC, etc., just the rise of the domestic mobile phone market is still the big four earned pots full bowl full. This is like a "warm boiled frog" experiment, when the millet with internet thinking and cost-effective strategy appears, and did not cause enough attention, and when the three operators have canceled the terminal subsidies, China cool joint sales began to collapse the decline. Although immediately launched the "anti millet millet" of this type to save the market behavior, only HUAWEI is still standing in the mobile phone market in the first camp. Millet era is coming. From the 2011 release of the first generation of millet phone in 2014 to become the focus of attention of the outside world, millet has created unprecedented growth in the history of the domestic mobile phone. At the same time, millet is also the most controversial mobile phone brand, "hunger marketing", "have a fever", "fan effect" and "participation" and so on, talking about the industry focus sound, the ability to control the millet supply chain increasing, gradually got rid of "panic buying" pattern of sales. But in dealing with the sales of this issue, millet has shown enough confidence to know that in early 2015 as billions of dollars in sales of mobile phone manufacturers, millet is one of them. In order to impact sales, red rice brand came into being, and bear more than half of millet sales target. At the end of 2015, failed to meet the target of millet attracted countless taunt, in each quarter of 2016 sales list in the ranking is also declining. 2016 seems to be the debut of the OPPO, whether it is in the brand s相关的主题文章: