After the man spent money jumped into the Lingyin Temple wishing to go fishing pool five hundred or -ca1805

After the man spent money jumped into the Lingyin Temple wishing pool to go away five hundred or six hundred yuan coins man kept asking coins from the wishing pool, stuffed himself holding a plastic bag. According to City Express reported on October 3rd, at 2 o’clock on the afternoon of October 6th, Hangzhou Lingyin Temple wishing pool, a man went to the side, suddenly turned over the fence, to the pool where tourists throw coins go, causing onlookers. Monitoring shows that the man kept stealing coins from the wishing pool, stuffed into his own plastic bag. A few minutes later, the man put the coin, come swaggeringly from the Trevi Fountain came out, next to the visitors seemed to him to say what, but he was unmoved, straight away. Lingyin station received the situation, immediately sent police rushed to the scene, and quickly find the man, brought back the inquiry. It was verified that this man is less than forty, the people of Jiangsu. According to him, he spent all his money, so he made the idea of a pool coin. Police criticized the education of the man, the man also said he was very sorry to recognize their mistakes. Subsequently, the police picked up the five hundred or six hundred coins were all returned to the Lingyin Temple. 5, the Lingyin Temple Office official said, visitors voluntarily throwing coins to the wishing pool, representing the aspirations of a person’s desire for good, if someone took these coins without authorization, certainly inappropriate. Lingyin Temple fountain the money is mainly used for charity, propaganda and maintenance expenses such as Buddhism cultural palace.相关的主题文章: