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Ackerman invested 1 billion 200 million Chipotle fast-food chain into two shareholders of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market news FX168 famous American hedge fund manager, billionaire William Ackerman (William A.Ackman) again on the food chain shot, to buy $1 billion 200 million worth of Chipotle Mexico barbecue company stock. This allows Ackerman to become the second largest shareholder of the company, but also on Wednesday U.S. stocks pushed up the share price of Chipotle. Ackerman’s investment company Pershing Square Capital Management late Tuesday to submit the application of the transaction to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and approved today. Pershing bought Chipotle a total of 2 million 900 thousand shares, the total value of $1 billion 200 million, which makes Pershing become the fidelity (Fidelity Investments) after the second largest shareholder. News came out, Chipotle shares rose nearly 6% on Wednesday, up to $440.80 shares. Ackerman and Pershing said they will be with the Chipotle management team and other investors in the investment after the discussion, they consider providing advice for Chipotle in the management, operation, cost control, capital planning and other aspects, and to jointly plan the future of Chipotle. Chipotle company’s main food in Mexico, is the United States started a multinational restaurant chain. Currently in the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany and France and other places have branches. The company was founded in 1993 after the rapid development, in 2015 has reached an annual turnover of $4 billion 500 million level. Chipotle recent troubles. Last year, the company’s products have a heat caused by improper food poisoning incident, a great impact on the company’s reputation. Recently, the company has been involved in the dispute with the workers. About 10 thousand Chipotle employees said the company has fraud on wages. Ackerman’s investment from the stock price is a good support for Chipotle. As one of the most active Wall Street billionaire investor Ackerman currently has shares in other fast-food chain McDonald’s, Burger King and Tim Horton. His reputation is enough to allow other small investors to follow suit to buy Chipotle shares. Ultimately, however, the fate of Chipotle still depends on its management. Chipotle’s recent turmoil has put pressure on management. The current CEO and chairman of the board of directors Steve Ells’s all white man management team has been questioned by shareholders. The recent series of management issues to make Ells more unstable position. Ackerman’s investment may put more pressure on management and ultimately decided to replace the average service over 17 years of management team. This is likely to be more beneficial in maintaining a competitive edge in the rapidly growing food and beverage industry. Three相关的主题文章: