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A shares dividends willful buanpailichupai individual listed companies "poor and generous" Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million A stock market is the "willful" dividends "erratic" "red week" author Liu Zenglu long been listed the company’s cash dividend has been A stock market is the "short board", the idea of value investment is very difficult in the Chinese capital market practice, even if regulators vigorously guide, the effect is just passable. Observed that some companies increase year by year, the profit level of cash in good background, but the name of project development is under the banner of shareholders should not give in return; and some performance loss when cash strapped companies, but to go in the opposite direction to implement dividends. The rich "mean" money "is poor and generous, A stock market dividend is often so" capricious "and" buanpailichupai". The cash dividend policy with the attitude of lifting in early 2001, regulators began to realize the A stock market re financing, light return ills, and has issued management measures or regulations, even before refinancing matters dividends and company linked, but the effect is not optimistic. In recent years, regulators have repeatedly issued relevant documents to encourage listed companies to participate in cash dividends, although the number of companies involved in the improvement, but the overall results are still not ideal. Statistics show that in the A shares in the long history, the overall level of cash dividends of listed companies net profit of more than 30% years and first appeared in 2001, but since the beginning of 2003, A shares overall dividend payout ratio sharply dropped to below 21%. Until 2008, by the intervention of the hands of the policy, the overall annual cash payment rate to return to more than 30% (in October of this year, the Commission issued the "decision on Amending the provisions of the listed company’s cash dividends)". Since then, in addition to 2010, two years in 2011, the proportion of cash dividends slightly less than 30%, the rest of the year have reached this limit, but also failed to surpass the record high of 35.13% in 2008. The cash dividend of listed companies is not lack of Lei Feng, want to have the strength of dividends. Observation on shareholders had never been listed companies cash dividend, *ST landscape in 16 full year since listing in 11 years to net profit loss ending, the first half of this year is only achieved a profit of 2 million 224 thousand and 100 yuan. Similarly, since the loss of culture, the East China Sea Dasun A, the investment holdings of listed companies of the year were more than profitable year, dividends seems reasonable to. However, the reporter found that not all non cash dividend companies are "life stretched". Such as the 1996 listing of Intel group, had only appeared in the 1998 ~2000 year profit loss; Shandong Luqiao since 2012 net profit growth year after year, in addition to the initial listing 10 to send gaosongzhuan "3 to 7", always adhere to the spirit of non cash dividend. Through the history of health care data also shows that the company’s earnings since 2007相关的主题文章: