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A tourist was fined 20 thousand   too stingy to pull out a hair guide; travel agency also sent Liaoning Channel – people.com.cn original title: "the irony tourist guides were fined twenty thousand too stingy to pull out a hair" someone’s travel agency also sent to Beijing in October 7, people.com.cn recent media reports, Hangzhou, a girl called riding tour of Lijiang was not without irony "shopping guide too stingy to pull out a hair". 7, 2009, the Lijiang Municipal Tourism Commission in the official website of the investigation and handling of the situation, said to be someone involved in the tour guide cattle fined a fine of 20 thousand. The full text is as follows: after verification, Lee offered visitors in September 30, 2016 by Yunnan Hua Bin international travel agency organization, and commissioned by the Lijiang zoo travel agency, Yang Moumou received the Lijiang trip, travel zoo tour guide for a cow appointed team to provide interpretation services. October 2nd, Lee and his party arrived in Lijiang after 38, according to the plan to pull the city of the Sea tourist area tour, the trip Lee Moumou for personal reasons, did not participate in riding, boating at their own expense projects. The tourists visiting Lashihai tourist area, in return to the city on the way, guide a cow said: "there are two people in the car, 150 dollars is too stingy to pull out a hair, do not want to spend, they are not in Lijiang even a picture, also don’t know what to do." After the tour itinerary of a cow according to the arrangements for the trip to Lijiang the Dongba Biotechnology Exhibition Center of Spirulina shop. Because only part of the tourists in the shopping process, causing dissatisfaction with the tour guide, said the tour guide is also a task, each missing a bag I posted 30 yuan, today did not earn a penny." The investigation, Lee was not something to the Lijiang Municipal Tourism Commission complaints reflect, in October 4th 0:20 in his "there is nothing wrong with the cat oil cake" micro-blog space published "Yunnan travel advice: don’t quote" blog. The article caused a surging news network reporter’s attention, the reporter then contacted Lee asked to provide relevant materials, and in October 6th 15:25 in the "surging news" published "Hangzhou girls said not riding tour of Lijiang was not shopping, tour guides’ satire too stingy to pull out a hair ‘" reports, followed by a number of media the report reproduced. Lijiang Municipal Tourism Commission repeatedly linked tourists Moumou to verify the situation, Lee said the original intention of blog in their own micro-blog space just to vent their feelings, not for compensation, only a thorough investigation, hope that their legitimate rights and interests are not violated. According to the investigation and verification, Lijiang EZ travel agency suspected of violating the "tourism law" article ninety-sixth (four) "the requirements of tour guides pay in advance or charge a fee to the tour guide, on the basis of" tourism law "provisions of article ninety-sixth, intends to fine Lijiang travel zoo at twenty thousand yuan, the travel agency Yang somewhere ten thousand yuan fine; guide a cow suspected of violating the" Regulations "guides management sixteenth" tour guides tour activities, not to deceive or coerce tourists consumption or collude with businesses to deceive or coerce tourists consumption ", according to the" Regulations "article twenty-fourth of the administration of tour guides, tour guide to be fined twenty thousand yuan a cow. (soup: dragon, commissioning editor Xiao Yuan)相关的主题文章: