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A read the October 28th Commission conference say what the Commission to improve the Futures Company minimum net capital requirements to 30 million yuan commission to amend the "Futures Company risk control indicators management measures", the new revision of the "measures" minimum net capital requirements will increase to 30 million yuan, calculated in proportion to the liquidity, Recyclable and risk further refine the risk, improve scientific computing. Will also adjust the information management business risk management information business scope and the provision of standards, to encourage Futures Company to supplement the capital channels, allowing Futures Company subordinated debt in accordance with the provisions of the proportion of net capital. Commission: will accelerate the double bond pilot Commission said that in order to support innovation and entrepreneurship, non-public issuance of bonds has successfully issued the first single management of enterprises, listed in the Shanghai Stock exchange. The pilot company Kunshan Ivo, Suzhou Howard medical science and technology. Commission on the 4 cases of administrative penalties for the Commission spokesman Deng Ge said that the recent Commission in accordance with the law of the 4 cases of administrative penalties. Including 3 cases of illegal information disclosure case, involving Tibet, sainty marine development; 1 cases of insider trading case relates to Nanshan aluminum. SFC gem evaluation: 7 anniversary has become a gathering place for entrepreneurship and innovation oriented enterprises Commission spokesman Deng Ge said, as of now, the GEM listed companies, more than 7 for innovative companies, high-tech companies accounted for more than 9, the obvious characteristics of market innovation. Outstanding performance of emerging industries, cultivate a number of emerging industries leading enterprises. The gem will also support the development of entrepreneurship and innovation, accelerate the construction of a financing function to improve the solid foundation of the system, effective market regulation, investors have been effectively protected multi-level market system. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [or] Phoenix securities [ifengstock]   after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [] or [fupan588] multitray master  相关的主题文章: