A tear – Yunnan mountain Meili Xue Shan Cimu Burma Yubeng God Lake Tourism Sohu 3u8813

A tear – Cimu Burma Yunnan mountain lake – Meili Xue Shan Yubeng God Sohu tourism in Yunnan, the first peak at the foot of Meili Xue Shan of Yubeng Village, in addition to the familiar known God waterfall, ice lake, laughing and agricultural headquarters. There are actually at the little-known Island, it is located in the Goddess Peak waist God lake, altitude here has reached 4600 meters, beyond Yubeng Village about 1500 meters, even more than the ice lake altitude of 500 metres taller here, so few people tread even a lot of local people, Yubeng didn’t come here. The lake is known as the God Goddess Peak (Cimu Burma peak) a drop of tears, hidden in the deep valley, only one trail leads to here, and the road is steep and rugged, with no obvious signs, so every year to see a few people this true God lake, mysterious also highlights the God of the lake. The road to God waterfall is all uphill, and a steep slope, it is hard to go up. On the trek to see another point of the five crown mountain peak, more majestic in the blue sky. Along the way you can enjoy the snow capped mountains touch the sky on a hill overlooking the village surrounded by mountains, look at this is actually Yubeng village. Four hours on foot to reach God waterfall under alpine pasture, from here to the God of the waterfall is very near, but the road is more difficult. The distant peaks from layer upon layer of peaks and knolls collapse on the village on foot for about five hours and finally reached the legendary god of the lake, but the first sight of God lake, the normal reaction is such a small pool in the end is not God lake, is not the wrong place, perhaps in the high sea god Lake in higher place. The area is bigger than this. When the lake was seen with a pile of stones, two words of God, only to be sure that we are indeed God lake. God is a very small lake, but the lake is clear and bright, the blue sky and the clouds change unpredictably is reflected in the calm water, see the delightful. God lake may not have imagined so beautiful, but to the God of the lake scenery very shocked, this is also in Yubeng Village can’t appreciate. God Lake did not imagine so much, but the surface reflection of people dream when will, maybe this is to go to the God of the lake, the experience may be more important than the ending. From Yubeng Village to the lake from the Raiders: God Temple in front of Yubeng Village meadow, a road leading directly to the God of the mountain opposite the waterfall, leading to a small bridge, the mountain there is a path, there is a prohibition to the roadside sign. This is the starting point of the lake to go to God, uphill road is very steep, but the road is good, is the path in the forest. Most will start after large tracts of forest, is a unique plateau small bamboo, and then with the altitude increasing after the oak trees (Du Juanshu), to about more than 4 thousand places, no trees, forests are low jungle irrigation, the shrub forest is not, just the alpine meadow, meadow the ranch is a small dilapidated abandoned hut. From here it is near the waterfall of God, then he first saw the stone heap up God lake two characters, and then quickly see legend God lake. From God to collapse on the village lake about more than and 20 kilometers back and forth, but because the.相关的主题文章: