A suspected chicken treasure has been offered millions of-shiyang

A suspected "chicken treasure" has been offered millions of lives in Buji, Mr. Wu recently encountered a miracle, the day before, when he returned home to Jiangxi, the father killed a sheep three or four year old hen, as he did not expect, like Ji Bao found something in the old hen in vivo. Then, he contacted a number of auction companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen that it really is as if the chicken of treasure, the value of money, there are three or four companies want to auction and Mr. Wu trading, but it is not the chicken of treasure, Mr. Wu is still uncertain. Mr. Wu’s home is the initial appearance of uncertain items. Mr Wu’s father had a chicken farm in Jiangxi since he failed to do his business. He raised thousands of chickens. In July 14th, Mr. Wu returned home because of some things, father killed a sheep three or four year old hen for him, did not think of the chicken slaughter after the unknown items found in the hen’s body. Mr. Wu also felt very strange, on the Internet a query, and finally he thought it might be chicken treasure, but not very sure. In the online inquiry that there are a number of auction houses have been sold chicken treasure, and the price is not cheap shot. Mr. Wu decided to contact Shanghai and Shenzhen several auction companies asked the situation. Mr. Wu hands naturally dry items. Chat with a few companies offer from Mr. Wu, the reporter saw two or three companies have decided that Mr. Wu is removed from the old hen in what is chicken treasure, but also said auction, several companies said the treasure worth millions of chickens. There is a company is willing to trade with Mr. Wu face. But it has not identified whether Mr. Wu Ji Bao did not dare to promise. Mr. Wu said that through the information on the Internet to find the items he felt like chicken treasure, but he did not know where to find the body can be identified. Auction companies let him pay the identification fee, and then identified by the professional identification of the auction companies, after the identification of the auction. At the same time, auction companies said Mr. Wu hand about 150 grams of chicken of treasure can sold millions, but skeptical of Mr. Wu did not agree, he currently only these items will be stored in the home to dry naturally. Reporter search, chicken treasure refers to the pathological changes in the egg cell, the basic ingredient is similar to the composition of the egg yolk of an object, not the so-called chicken treasure". Due to ovarian dysfunction, disease, or emergency by outside influences, lead to the abnormal development of the egg cell, is often said that the egg yolk or egg yolk, and rupture into the abdominal cavity of a super large a matter. Chicken Bao was the reason for the astronomical price, that is, it is passed on the medicinal value, but the medical experts said its medicinal value is not clear, chicken treasure price for the hype.相关的主题文章: