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A survey in Jilin IVF children: how hard is it? – the center for reproductive Beijing hospital prenatal diagnosis center almost every day? "Overcrowded" Ai Ling taken many people before being diagnosed with infertility, do not know how hard it is to have a child. With the continuous increase in this part of the population, more and more children life is no longer ", but" dream "as unalterable principles", or even "desire for a child to occupy their whole life. Recently, Chinese Jilin network reporter in Jilin province at present situation of IVF technology for the implementation of the investigation, in-depth inquiry now children how difficult! Observation: thick inspection reports and laboratory records difficult road Hospital Reproductive Center in her heart? In the prenatal diagnosis in clinic, hospital outpatient service building four floor. Many infertility family and child’s dream is to start from here. Every day, starting at 6 in the morning, people began queuing to register. The 8 doctor official visits, three already overcrowded waiting area". Only in the first waiting area, can accommodate more than 100 patients waiting area on the chair could not find the empty seat. While in the area, and the area of ultrasonic blood collection office, by the patients waiting in long queues are spectacular. In these patients, more than half of the patients here only one purpose, that is to want a child of their own. One recent morning, the first in the waiting area, Chinese Jilin network reporter saw Ms. Wang waiting for treatment. Beside her, she sat with her husband and mother. "Every time is more than 6 husband morning to Paihao, my mother and I arrived before 8. In order to save time, money, let mother first line check." She said, too many people here to see a doctor, registration, payment, inspection to line up, so every time to the hospital, the family is the Corps Combat mode. A more than and 30 year old couple sitting in the chair, the woman holding a thick and a single laboratory inspection report, preoccupied by some troubles. Abortion two times a few years ago, no longer pregnant." The woman smiled and told reporters that in recent years, in order to have a child, they are running around, the hospital also at times. "At most one time to do more than 20 checks and tests." The man pointed to a thick inspection report, said that the past two years, both of their wages are contributing to the hospital. Pregnant women have been around from the side, the woman’s eyes always follow, a face of envy. "As long as you want to have children, pay more value." Data: the fertility clinic per year at a rate of at least 25%-30% growth in Jilin China network reporter from the reproductive center of No.1 Hospital of Jilin University? Prenatal diagnosis center, the data showed that the reproductive center 2011 outpatient number is 34 thousand, 2012 54 thousand, 2013 83 thousand, 2014 101 thousand, 2015 124 thousand. In the first half of this year, outpatient volume has reached nearly 76 thousand. The annual outpatient volume is increasing at a rate of 25%-30%. Among the newly diagnosed patients in the reproductive center, 2相关的主题文章: