A park in Hebei District into a parking lot hidden frequent difficult management x3210

A park in Hebei District into a "parking lot" hidden frequent difficult management was originally for public recreation park, was a car has become a spontaneous "parking lot". Yesterday, reporters in Hebei District Jintang Bridge next to a park to see "parking lot" in traffic and people are intertwined, brings security risks for the pedestrian park. 16 pm yesterday, reporters came to the scene to see, the park on the side of the Haihe River is filled with all kinds of vehicles, car team for more than 200 meters, the other side of the car park space has almost been filled, in an interview with reporters in the car continued in and out of the parking lot, but the ground is no mark white lattice parking. And the shuttle vehicle to make many people shunned the leisure park, the larger traffic has also attracted a lot of selling auto supplies vendors set up their stalls, the park environment has become more severe. According to nearby residents, the "parking lot" entirely by parking owners spontaneously formed, at first just to work in the vicinity of the owners parking, but because it does not belong to the city road, the traffic control department cannot be punished for parking, so more and more owners found the free "Feng Shui", here the parking behavior intensified, thereby affecting the function of leisure and sightseeing park public security. This argument has also been confirmed near a police on duty. Yesterday, the reporter on the matter repeatedly call Hebei District City Department, but the phone has not been connected.相关的主题文章: